Dawn's Built-ins, DAY: 4 MILLION

7:17 AM Katy 3 Comments

Okay so I've decided it was silly to start this series keeping track of the number of days or weekends I worked on it - I think I naively believed this would keep me motivated to finish it by Christmastime. lolz

But the bookcases are finished. Well, not painted, but at least all the sawing and drilling is done:
 The bad thing about blogging (for me) is always the pictures. I only have a camera on my phone and almost all of my carpentry is done late in the evening. Dawn and I work full time during the week, so weekends are jam packed with all the other crap we have to do.
 Last night we carried the 4 bookcases out of my garage and across the yard to her house. We lifted them into position, but I didn't have time to actually screw them to the wall yet. (My boys were in the shower and I can't leave my house for too long before mayhem starts.)
 I can't put the last one up because I need to cut a hole in the backing for the light switch. If you're new to this project, I wired that switch at the beginning to control the bookcase lamps that will (eventually) be installed at the top of each.
I swear this angle is so weird it looks like the side of the bookcase is severely warped. I promise it's straight.

I texted Dawn: "The good news is that they are finished and 3 of them are perfect".

I  tore up one of them kinda bad, but as a carpenter once told me - The measure of a good carpenter is how well he conceals his mistakes. (or something like that)

I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving. Us? Well...everything that could break, did. Including the front door lock. Plus now I have a horrible virus but I'm going to work anyway - everybody leaves me alone when I look like I've got the plague. :) And when I'm really sick and can't shout at my kids, I improvise with awesome body and facial contortions, foot stomping, and occasionally throwing myself on the floor (but only if i just washed it so not that often).

They say they still love me though. Guess whose kids got a new video game this week?

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  1. Looks so good. What a lucky woman she will be to have all that storage. I would love to do this in my living room too. Maybe if I ever get a new T.V. Cheers and good job Katy!

  2. this is looking good! and what is a holiday without a virus, huh? i'm sorry though you got sick.

    hey, today i was in the right place at the right time when a man came into the art gallery where our pendants are for sale and he was showing a table he built. the gallery owner wanted it but couldn't think what to do with it exactly so i said put it in my house (!) and so long story shortened i got the table. the top is an old two-pane window and it is hinged so it opens up and you can put cool stuff inside it. but then because the windowpane is old old glass, he put a tempered glass top on top of the windowframe to protect everything. it is muy cool. and he sold it to me for muy cheap. it reminded me of something you'd do. and by the way, the pendant (one false move and you've bought yourself a horse) is 2 days away from being done. we were admiring it last night. :)

    get better.


  3. Love it... what a blessing you are to Dawn!


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