Dawns Built-Ins, Weekend 17

8:12 AM Katy 5 Comments

I was standing in the lumber cutting area at Lowe's waiting my turn this past Friday night, and realized that I started this project in June or July.  Originally I wanted to have this completed by Christmas, but things are going a little slower than predicted.

These are the last 4 bookcases. I haven't attached all the shelves so they look wonky. Next I'll install these and we'll be done with the worst part - next up is facefronts, trim, lighting, and then doors.

I'm leaving the doors for last because I'm scared of them...never built cabinet doors before, and I still can't use my Shopsmith with any confidence. :(

I confess: I'm tired. But Dawn is so great, she hasn't thrown me out of her house yet! I bet she's tired too! 

Here's where we left off a couple weeks ago:

These bookcases go around this main TV cabinet - 2 on either side.

What do you do to regain your momentum when you feel run down? One of my kids has had a stomach bug for almost 7 days now. I think that's contributing to my stress!

{edited to add: Does anyone else notice that all of my post titles are missing? I downloaded a new browser and apparently the only font it recognizes is Arial.?}

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  1. Post titles not missing here. I'm using a droid browser.

    And, yes, kid issues are going to drag us down sometimes, because we have to spend some of our energy loving them!

  2. I would be tired too! Taking on such a big project is no small feat; especially with three kids, a full time job and a blog! Looks like you are making a lot of progress! You keep going girl, but remember to take a few hours for yourself!

  3. Katy slow and steady wins the race and that is one massive set of built ins. DIY always takes 10x longer but still cheaper! And I don't blame you waiting on those doors, I always find they show every smidgen of 'unsquareness' in your build which is such a downer when you just want to finish.

  4. You will show those cabinet doors who's boss and no the blog looks fine here.

  5. I'm almost always charmed by your blog.I originally started following your blog after your posting on the Shopsmith forum. Just take it slow on the doors. Double check your set ups and don't hesitate to go to the Shopsmith forum for help. But most of all,have fun with it!


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