More Etsy Art for the Beach Shack

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It's been a while since I got these but I had forgotten to mention it. I found this artist and I liked his little animals in hats.

He had several ocean creatures in hats so I decided to get a set of the mini prints.

I got this little acrylic picture holder at Michael's:

It was insanely expensive - $10. Rather a stupid buy since the other acrylic art frames I bought were much less. But it's hard to find something that will frame a bunch of tiny 2 1/2" X 3" prints.

And I'm not happy with this because all the animals are sideways rather than upright.

gah. I'll stick it in the kids' bedroom and fill it with crayons or something. Or maybe look for a framing idea that will work better with these little prints? Any ideas are welcome!

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  1. Perhaps you could buy a large multi-frame with many openings and put the kids pics (family pics) and your artist pics in all the openings. Or you could mount the base on the wall. It could be the right way and it would rotate. Maybe use as a pencil holder? I love the pictures you found. Perfect for a beach house! Cheers.

  2. Not sure if this helps, but I make mattes for picture frames out of poster board...super cheap!

    Then you could just pick up some cheap frames from the Goodwill or at the Dollar Store.

    Kari @ The Sunset Lane

  3. Kinda like Feral Turtle said, I was wondering if you could drill through the base and attach it to a wall so that you could rotate the pictures and they would be upright. It might be cute in the kitchen or bathroom - shared space that kids or visitors would be able to play with it.

  4. You could make a desk lamp shade from the drawings. You could see them at night and during the day. If a desk lamp, the lamp could be turned every once in a while.

  5. This might sound nuts but several home decorating shows have done cool projects with epoxy and/or glass. In the epoxy versions, they laid all the little art bits (photos, buttons,etc) in a recessed coffee table of some salvage project and poured the clear epoxy mixture on top. It leveled itself and hardened but you could see all the cool bits inside. Fun project for kids to help find items and drawings for.

    The other variant was cool too. They had a bar or island counter top in the kitchen (you know, where a stool could be under. They made standard size cutouts with glass insets in standard photo sizes, and then the owner could rotate out the pictures. It was done in a way that the pictures were changed from underneath, so no risk of leaking into the glass cavity from the counter.

    You could also do the same idea with window cutouts in an entertainment unit or bookcase with doors?

  6. Check out, she has some ideas for framing art cards on the cheap and easy.


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