My Supa Fly Teapot

8:17 AM Katy 6 Comments

My employer (like most businesses not already going bankrupt) has announced layoffs. I am hoping that my facility will not be affected, since we already went through heavy layoffs previously, but of course this is not helping my anxiety. *breathing in paper bag*

So to proactively deal with the horrible possibilities that loom in the distance like Godzilla, I decided to go shopping for some necessities.

I wasn't kidding about stockpiling rice and canned goods. Oh yes I am:

Ever since I read Leigh's great post on food storage & hard times, I've been thinking: How long would we last if I got laid off indefinitely? I don't want to be in a position of depending on outside aid in a crisis. I am already feeling calmer, now that I'm building an emergency pantry.

And then I saw THIS:

oh yeah. It's the same shiny Viper blue as the auto paint on the bed!! It's soooo going in the beach house.

You see? I buy beans & rice to prepare for the worst, but the teapot is my token of hope.

So there.

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  1. Teapots. Lifting spirits, making me happy. Do t forget to rotate your canned goods, they do not last indefinitely. I learned that the hard way last week.

  2. Even if it's not when you are laid off, but when times are lean, I want to start a food storage're motivating me.

    This will sound sexist, but as a girl in the field of engineers, you are safer than it sounds like your boss loves you

  3. normally I would agree with you Mollie, sexist or not. But we had another female engineer here who was already let go.

    It's ok - I am just trying to prepare, and yet I remember that God has absolutely taken care of me & my kids these last 4 years since the ex left, sometimes miraculously.

    So... HOPE it is! But with an emergency pantry! lol (thanks Beth - i'll remember to rotate the canned goods)

  4. Your posts crack me up. Hey, as a single mom I did actually quit a horrid job (but a 6 figure horrid job) and planned for 1 year with no salary, that turned into 2! Long live the blue teapot as your token of hope. Trust me, my kids didn't starve - and fortunately both love rice :)

  5. Katy,
    Love the tea pot we all need bright things in our lives!
    dee dee

  6. absolutely. one penny for rice in order to live, and one penny for the teapot for a reason to live. that blue is muy awesome. it had to come home with you. i have the same thing. except where yours is blue mine is dirt red. and except for where yours is metallic, mine is stone. :)

    oh and yes there is a pendant in the makes about false moves and horses. stay tuned.


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