Thursday, November 29, 2012

I decided we are definitely having one of these in the beach shack, even if landlines are old school and everyone who visits will have a cell. Because how you can you pass this up?
Except that I think I want a pink one. Or blue. 
 Now, unlike my obsession with the candy-colored retro refrigerators, these are easily attainable (price-wise and shipping-wise!). So I am doing some serious hunting for the perfect phone, which will go in my closet stash of "stuff I'm saving for the beach house" - at this point it is a box full of Etsy art, shower curtain rings, cup pulls for cabinets, fabric in the wrong color, a tablecloth, and a teapot.

Sometimes I go sit by the box and pray. :) 

My nieces are doing well, I haven't done a cystic fibrosis update in a while because it's a little too scary sometimes for me. I can't imagine what it's like for my sister-in-law. She is amazing. One of my nieces had another broviac catheter placed to fight off the recurring MRSA, and the other niece had the same issue (but was able to take antibiotics without the catheter.) We continue to pray that the MRSA will not come back.

What we need (besides a cure for this disease) is a beach house built for little girls. I am beyond determined - I will do this even if I have to wipe out my little 401(k). I have been contemplating that this's not like any of us will ever be able to retire anyway. ? Thoughts on this are welcome!
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  1. There's a wisdom in eating dessert first, y'know. I'm all for wiping out the 401(k) in order to help make this dream a reality. This is your priority, your dream. It's a worthy one. Look how many people you have cheering you on! Do this now and worry about that afterward. If you work toward replenishing it with the same vigor you're using for this, you'll have it covered again in no time.

  2. Hey if you can build the beach house now by wiping out the 401K - I say go for it. When my husband died very unexpectantly (without any warning)it made me realize that many never live long enough to enjoy that later phase in life anyway. You, your childeren and sweet little nieces could enjoy the place for years vs. planning for a "maybe" long life. Might add, my man would TOTALLY disagree with my thinking! He's the saver and I'm the dreamer and live for the moment gal.

  3. Do it now. You'll never regret it. God bless you for your huge heart filled with love of family.

  4. Part of me wants to do it, and the other part of me has this fear of being an old woman and living in a box on the street.

  5. The blue phone is the most adorable one.
    Glad the nieces are well. You did know that my cousin had it, right?
    As for the 401k you should call us. Depending on the amount in it it might not be worth it to take from it. You have to pay taxes on it and an early withdraw penalty; however, if it is a decent amount that part shouldn't matter. The beach house + farm house (future purchase) can be your retirement anyway so why not ;)


    The middle phone pic of the colors is my fave. I think it might actually be a green?

  7. That pink phone reminds me of my grandmother! She had a pink princess style phone by her bed.

    We've invested all our money in the homestead, rather than a 401k. We don't trust that the money wouldn't disappear anyway, either from a economic collapse, by corporate thieves or the government, which can't manage our money and refuses to take responsible action. We figure we may not have much, but we'll be able to eat, have a roof over our head, and stay warm. I know I sound outta there, but I can't help but think along those lines sometime.

  8. Charity - that mint green one is darling, I agree!

    Leigh - that's what I'm worried about. I read this news yesterday:

    I've got the feeling 401(k) isn't the best place for cash anyway. Better to pour it into the homestead, as you say.

  9. Pray... follow God's leading! I'll be here cheering you on!
    dee dee

  10. i tend to find a balance between being economically smart and stress free. if something stresses me too much (as in- living where i cannot be me, having my kids not in the place i want them to be now instead of way too late later) then the financially sound choice gets vetoed and i start to say yes to what would bring more peace. i lived in a setting that was financially smart for 4 years and then couldn't take it anymore. didn't want my kids to have that as the last house they'd live in before they grew too old to live with me. so i bought the house and my kids and i moved in. this house was 1/5 the size of the last house i had owned (prior to the rental) and yet this little house was like your beach house. the place we were meant to be. but arriving at the balance point of doing things smart financially and yet doing things that soothed my entire well being took some time. and most definitely have that phone on your wall. mine is a desk model, yellow. it actually doesn't have any service, but who would call my house phone anyway? i still like having it set out.

  11. If you did end up living in a box on the street, it would only be because you wanted to be there! And I can guarantee, it would be the MOST Rockin'-est Box going!!!

    I say if you can get enough money out of the 401 to do it,I would....

  12. If you did end up living in a box on the street, it would only be because you wanted to be there! And I can guarantee, it would be the MOST Rockin'-est Box going!!!

    I say if you can get enough money out of the 401 to do it,I would....


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