A Cystic Fibrosis Beach House

8:12 AM Katy 4 Comments

I've posted more pictures of my nieces on my Cystic Fibrosis page, along with a brief explanation of how the house project is driven by the girls & CF as well as my own kids. Several people have written to me over the past year (or left comments here) bringing up the idea of either a Kickstarter fund or some kind of "donate" button.
This project began as an impulse (I thought). But a whole bunch of shiver-worthy things have happened since that first day I saw that wreck of a house for sale. What started as a germ of an idea has morphed into something bigger. This isn't just about me trying to rebuild my shattered life and creating a fun place for my family. That's what I thought at the beginning...

Sometimes things are not really a coincidence. Sometimes when you feel like you're in charge and making the decisions - perhaps you're not.

Eventually I'll write the "other" story of how this happened. But it's too soon. I need to wait until I can write the ending.

So here's the donate jar in case you feel so moved.  I'll post it in the sidebar for the time being. I don't have any crazy expectations for this, and I won't get my feelings hurt if you need to buy groceries instead (or stockpile the emergency pantry for the imminent Apocalypse - completely sensible!) but I figure it can't hurt so why not?

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  1. I've got a niece of my own with CF, thanks for doing what you are doing for yours.

  2. Thanks so much for the sweethearts who contributed so far - I promise that PayPal shows your donation, I'm still trying to figure out what is wrong with the widget (it's not updating the total above grrr)

  3. Katy - I had saved the email re: donation, which I was happy to do - just had to find the time to actually do it. hopefully others will do the same. Happy Holidays!


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