More Crap From the Shack & Bunkbeds

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I still have some odds and ends that I pulled out of Shorty's shack before demo last January. There is this bed frame:
Still not sure if I'm using it. I have the rails for it. It was stained and covered in some kind of grease (I swear Shorty must have been frying fish every day of his life in that place - I have never seen so much grease covering furniture and walls.)

I scrubbed it with grease cutter/Comet cleanser and the hose. Then I primed it white. Now I need to figure out the bedroom floor plans...
As soon as I get my plans back from the architect (this week?), I will be posting potential bedroom designs. This is really important because I want to be able to sleep 6 in two teensy bedrooms, and still fit suitcases and medical equipment in there.
I'm collecting pictures of built-in bunkbeds on Pinterest because I know this is going to be necessary. If you've got any good pictures of bunkbeds, please leave them in the comments  or post links to your Pinterest boards!
{Here I am on Pinterest}

EDITED~ saving this link here for my future reference :

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  1. I absolutely love the built in bunks! So cute, and organized-looking.

  2. If you decide not to use the bed frame there are some wonderful tutorials on making benches out of bed frames. My Repurposed Life has some of the best.
    Just an idea. (I'm so living vicariously through your build - carry on sister!)

  3. There are some cute options here:


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