My Annual Progress Report (Hold Still Under That Mistletoe So I Can Run!)

9:09 AM Katy 8 Comments

He sat next to me on my connecting flight through Atlanta. I had forgotten to wear my big fake ring. (Because I lost it. Good thing it was cheap.)
It was an uncomfortable hour and half, with his friendly monologue on being a single dad: "at some point you don't want to be alone for the rest of your life, right?"...One of the downsides of being a geek (or "Stealth Nerd", as Beth would call it) is difficulty with these social interactions.
#1.) I freeze up while trying to decide which response will make the questioner most comfortable, and yet not encourage any more questions. so I sit there with a deer-in-the-headlights look
#2.) I can't think far enough ahead to ponder "being alone for the rest of my life".  
#3.) I could get hit by a bus at any moment. I'm expecting it, in fact.
#4.) I think in lists, just like this.. Or maybe this:
#5.) I have almost 50 kids.

The single life still feels like being wrapped in a big, comfy blanket with big pockets for my shotgun shells. (great gift idea)  You know: protected. Able to defend myself.

Not that I said ANY of this to him of course; I told him that being single was fine, because I have some good friends. He laughed and asked me if I was a member of the Man Hating Club.

I didn't act crazy. I just ran down the jetway, checked the connecting flights to make sure we weren't going to the same concourse, and then sprinted for the trains. (zombies!! run!) So I've made some really good progress this year.

And I'm not even taking any medication. #winning  Bring on 2013!

{Note on my last post: to everyone who hit the cookie jar: I love you. Thank you thank you thank you!}

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  1. This actually happened to me too - but I dated the guy I met on the plane for a couple years. Hey, a long distance relationship can be a good way to cautiously get back into the dating game. So next time, if he's cute, at least give him your business card :)

  2. Air travel = the new love boat? Hahahaha.

    I love your new header image collage in your "colors!"

  3. I could very much relate to everything you said. I did find it a tad annoying however, when Mr. Friendly assumed being comfortable as a single equated to being a "man hater." Sheesh.

  4. Yeah, I'm with Leigh...I'm sure he was nervous too...but geez to hit you with a "are you a member of the man haters club?" at first meeting is a bit much when you were just saying you are comfortable being single.

    Kim Vincent

  5. You are a funny girl. I can see you sitting in a chair with your blanket with big Thanks for commenting. It was nice to know that I popped up on your radar. I hope you are doing well and that you have a VERY Merry Christmas.

  6. When I express that I'm really happy being a single mom, that I'm not searching for a man, that it will happen when its supposed to happen and if it doesnt then that's ok too. Common response I get is that I'm a man hater?!! I Dont get it.

  7. I have a theory. It involves the reason why there are tons of widows at my church and zero widowers...and why men get remarried approximately 10 seconds after they become single. But I haven't fully fleshed it out yet...


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