My First Giveaway -Where we ignore all the rules and everybody wins!

8:59 AM Katy 8 Comments

I know that giveaways are popular on blogs, but that's because they are generally used to increase traffic/comments/followers/advertising. I've never gotten into all that, so when I decided to give away one of Sherry's poetry pendants it became clear that once again, I can't follow the rules to save my life.

I can't pick just ONE WINNER. I wanted everyone to have a pendant so I worked something out with Sherry, and now everyone who left a comment (and a way to contact you !!!) is getting a pendant.

Let this be a lesson to you: if Katy posts a giveaway, she's probably giving away a whole store because she's got no impulse control. It's like Black Friday but without all the beatings.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh! congrats to all your lucky winners! By the time I was able to sit down last night your comments section was closed out! Now I know why!
    Next time I will be quicker to keep up with my blogging!
    Katy, I pray that this Christmas will bring about new hope and joy to you and your beautiful family!
    dee dee

  2. Oh my gosh, you're too funny. And sweet! This is the first blog giveaway I've ever "won" ... thank you so much!

  3. HAHA impulse control I have that too sometimes. I think it's more that you have a big heart <3. I didn't see that one on her site (pic above) I need to by that one for one of the kids LOL

  4. Thanks again Katy - you're so sweet.

    And now I can say I've won something in a giveaway :)

  5. katy- you are a loving charm for all of us! we just finished wrapping and packing the pendants and they are going out in the morning mail! i sent you a photo of the packages. thank you and everyone for their interest in whitewash and co's pendants!

    sherry o'keefe

  6. Hi There- I'm Dee in BC- I thought my Google acct gave my contact info but since I haven't heard any thing- It's

  7. Those are pretty pendents .... is this blog giveaway still open?

  8. oh sorry - it was a previous post and it was closed before Christmas!