Stuff I Don't Follow on Pinterest

10:51 PM Katy 2 Comments

Anything fitness or diet related. wow.

Motivational/inspirational stuff. Unless it's actually true.

Anything that is homemade + Christmas. There will never be enough time or skill for all that mess.

Photography. whut? no.

Anything wedding related. Except.

And while I don't always search for DIY home links on Pinterest, when I do... it blows my mind:

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  1. Katy LOL I'm off my chair! My sister and I LOVED watching Bob Ross with his soft airy voice and how he mixed the colors but every time the paintings always ended up the same!!! What a great post. Merry Christmas.

  2. i am so late to this! fishing guy dialed in on this show the other day at my house (i have no cable and the tv antenna- well who knows what will dial in . . .) and we both cracked up over how after all these years- look! he's painting sorta the same painting.


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