SICK. and fabulous wallpaper.

8:40 AM Katy 6 Comments

miserable. since i can't get out of bed and missed the last week of work, things are really a mess. I did manage to do some online shopping (I think I was semi-conscious at the time because I was surprised when this showed up in the mail):

wallpaper samples from Pip. I love everything about Pip.

I want wallpaper in the little laundry alcove in the beach house.

the sliding doors over the laundry will be like this (without the chalkboard and probably bright cherry red):

and then I want that back wall to be one of these papers. I ordered three samples but I might order 10 more. After being on their website for an hour I have denounced all American wallpaper. It all sucks.

Back to blowing my nose. Hope none of you got this sinus virus from hell. :(

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  1. That wallpaper looks amazing! Feel better Katy!

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear about the sickness. But I do love seeing all the bright and fun inspiration for the beach house - even in the laundry alcove! Red doors sound so fun and I must check out that Pip site, thank you.

  3. hi sorry you are sick.. your plan looks great and I love these door . get well.
    did you make it down for the cottage holiday tour?

  4. Can completely sympathize, I've got the sinus thing today on our snow day home. Been fighting it for a week but today it kicked my tail to the drs office for prescriptions.

    Feel better!

  5. We had all possible strands of all the awful illnesses out this season so I feel for you SUCKS!

    The wallpaper is cute and love those doors - they will look adorable cherry red!

  6. are you better yet? i am late to this. i quit wallpapering a long time ago because the wallpaper here depressed me. but now! i didn't know about pip. i'm headed there....


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