More Waiting

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for the builder to send me the estimate. It could take weeks so I'm trying to be patient. I've almost decided that I don't care what number he gives me - I'll tell him to start now, because that means he won't start for 6 more months anyway. I can feel myself aging by the minute, I swear.

Meanwhile, to purge my anxiety and ward off any depression I'm cruising Etsy again.
This! to go with my other turtle? What do you think? ha
Most of my art purchases for this house lean toward the absurd - I always have the 6 kids in mind when I pick something to hang by the beds. Is it something that will make them think of a story? (And yet not too obscene like Peg the Mermaid.....)

and then I got sucked into buying some more fabric that I may or may not need. So I'm back on restriction from Etsy.

EDITED: okay I broke down and bought this:
and then this:
Because my kids love Finding Nemo and I decided to scare them by hiding this in the acrylic crayon holder. muhahahhaha

I just need to wear my flip flops again, and I'll be okay...

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  1. The whale one is AMAZING

  2. I LOVE them all. I cannot get enough of art. BEAUTIFUL! Looking at the turtle makes me laugh and think of Finding Nemo "righteous, righteous" - Dude Crush

  3. i was going to point you to another whale art piece, but will honor yours (and mine!) barrier from etsy for a while. the turtle, i want!!!


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