Tree Swinging

2:27 PM Katy 8 Comments

Saturday my youngest explained to Grandpa that his ninja obstacle course wasn't quite challenging enough anymore. He wanted a rope to climb, but Grandpa's trees are all pines - none have those spreading branches that are so necessary for ropes and such.
 So Grandpa cut down a small tree with the chainsaw. And then bolted/tied it across two other trees!

 Then all the cousins showed up, right on time...
And tree swinging ~
We are so lucky to have my dad! 

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  1. I so love that play house. I build one when I was 14 in my backyard. LOL they are fun to have (at any age.) The rope swings for the ninja and apprentices look neat!

  2. Charity you've got to come visit us, we're ready whenever you are!

  3. my son's best toy was a 40' length of rope my dad gave him. and re the abuse post, yes we are kin! :) sixth sense can be trusted!

  4. I love your dad! Reminds me of the time my husband and his dad built a swing set in our yard because "those damn kits are too small". LOL. I didn't realize there was a tallest swing set competition. Silly me.

  5. Dude seriously your dad is awesome. I think awesome grandparents are so important!!

  6. That is so awesome. Your Dad seems like a wonderful man Katy. How lucky your kids are to have him in their life!

  7. Hi
    next time you are here I will take you in . how goes it with you?

  8. You are so right about you Dad. i still miss mine so much. He loved my kids ..the best memories!!!


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