Beach Bags and Cell Phone Pouches

8:19 AM Katy 4 Comments

I know. Like I don't have 50 other things I need to be doing before this. BUT.

 My local A.C. Moore craft store was going out of business and these bags were $4 each! So I had to get 3, of course.
Then I had this fat quarter I got from etsy a while back, and I wasn't sure where I was going to use it...Until I was reading Jaime's blog and looking at her mountains of fabric pouches...
and I thought: We need pouches like that for the beach bags! For keeping sand out of the cell phones!
So I tried to follow Jaime's instructions.

 Let's just say that I only figured the process out on the last one, so there are a few mistakes. But oh well!
One more project off the list for the beach house. Only about 4,000 more left to go.

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  1. Sorry to hear that your AC Moore is closing...that stinks!
    That's a great store, but I'll admit that I didn't know about it until my girl was about 3. She loves that place. I bet I could go in there blindfolded and grab something and she'd love it.
    Anyway, well done on the cell phone bags.

  2. The cell phone bags are so cute. They'd make great gifts for older teens, too!

  3. you did definitely good on the pouches... they look pretty and are done by YOU!
    well done!

  4. you are killing me with your multi talents. fabric stores make me cry. i am such a failure with fabric. and in montana we don't have the store you have now going out of business. anyway, these bags you made are seriously adorable. can never have too many bags, just ask me.


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