My Side Job, A New Friend, & Interior Details for the Beach Shack

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Unfortunately I can't blog about the trainwreck that is my life. There are a few too many people who know me in real life, and although I'm sure that I could write blockbuster no-way-did-that-really-happen stories on a regular basis - that only works well when you're anonymous. Or when the only thing that's malfunctioning is the van door on the highway.

 I might be coming apart at the seams here. But at least we've got alcohol.

So! An update. On SAFE topics.

The architect who designed the beach shack has become a friend. On top of that, I happen to be a very good little CAD technician, and he is swamped with work and needs an assistant. So in between our training sessions on plan drawings - "you can move the tub but the doors have to stay the same".... "I said DON'T MOVE the doors"...."Don't ever put a light kit on a fan".... "Why are there extra switches dangling off this wall?"....  he is cheerleading me through my catastrophes.

In the words of Sherry the Montana Poet, "If I was watershed, he was loyal catchment".  I have pondered how funny this turn of events is - because back when I was told that I had to hire an architect, I pitched a fit all the way to his office. I didn't want to know him.

I am also in the throes of filling out the interior detailing sheet for the beach shack. The ceilings will be beadboard and the walls will be horizontal 1" X 6" pine boards, and everything (floors ceilings walls) will be painted white. Because we've got to have a blank canvas for the important crap:
(yeah I love the green but we are going with blue or red)
and I'm thinking about changing the exterior paint job to this:

The architect makes jokes that my fridge will be too small to fit a pizza box, but I told him I don't care. Since those fridges cost as much as a (my) car, I've got to make sacrifices on the size. Then I complain to him that I don't want drywall underneath the boards on the walls - because I need that extra inch of floorspace!

Then I apologize for being (feeling) crazy. He says no-- every inch is important. In all of life.

I may bite the bullet and get the bigger fridge.

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  1. screw getting a bigger fridge--eat the pizzaor stick the leftovers in a ziploc!! :)

  2. Love the fridge, but when you have all those kids in the house, you're going to curse yourself for not having a bigger fridge- kid's are piggies, especially after swimming.

    It is gorgeous though....maybe get a bigger fridge for the garage to hold extras and beer

  3. thanks Mollie I just realized - yes i could put a way bigger and cheaper fridge in the garage...and save on floorspace in the house lol! that would work too!

  4. That green fridge is too cool! Would love to see a fridge in the colors you are considering.

  5. I'll second the "just get another fridge for extras" comment and add in "you should TOTALLY do that paint on the exterior!!" Love it!

  6. Keep the smaller fridge make homemade pizzas out of pita and then no leftovers ;) You could definitely place a freezer or "extra" fridge in garage if you have space. Love the retro fridge!!!

  7. ha! i disappear for a few days and tadah! you have catchment in your life! oh yeah boy! and someone who says every inch of life is important. sounds like a good pendant, huh . . .

  8. Are you remembering to breathe? And when all else fails...
    wrap yourself in the thought that this beach shack will make a difference in the lives of all your loved ones! You matter Katy!
    dee dee


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