Acceptance, A Start Date, & More Cute Fabric

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This hasn't worked out like I wanted. Originally I wanted to build this without a loan, so I could afford to let people stay there free of charge for however long they needed. But then the architect and builder finally poured a 10-gallon bucket of cold water (reality) on my fantasy. Just because this is a TINY house doesn't mean squat. :( I had fantasies of $100/sq ft and a builder who would let me finish the inside myself.

Simply put: I was dreaming. And I always feel kind of cranky when my hopes get crushed. You'd think I'd stop hoping for sh*t and just settle down and accept life the way it is. You'd THINK.

So I had to call the bank. Otherwise this was never going to happen. And I mean never. And I'm going to have to RENT OUT my precious art project. So that teenagers can get drunk and puke on my couch and wreck my retro fridge. :( 

In the midst of my depression though - I figure we might as well enjoy the process right? I'm collecting fabrics for window treatments, pillows, sink curtains, shower curtain, etc.
This is Michael Miller "clown stripe" fabric from Etsy. I'm getting everything off Etsy these days. The plates?? I found those at my local Rite Aid for $1 each! Tell me that the Chinese manufacturer of these plates isn't working from the same source as the manufacturer of this fabric???

The flower fabric is from another favorite designer - Tanya Whelan. More Michael Miller - the "dumb dot teal", the "mod fish", and the "MIGHTY STRIPE" rainbow fabric:

The more I look at these, the more likely I am to use the huge rainbow stripe for under the kitchen sink. It reminds me of my inspiration pic from Pinterest, but also the exterior paint job I'm considering.

The architect seems to think I'll have a start date for construction this week. I'm a little less excited than I used to be. UNDER.STATEMENT.
Oh - and my cocktail of the month is this:
Burnett's Pink Lemonade vodka + Raspberry Lemonade drink mix from WalMart.

It's happiness in a (cheap) glass. I'm thinking about one in each hand right now.

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  1. Hi Katie, Thanks for the update. I love hearing about your adventure. So, how much does a tiny beach house cost to build?

  2. bare minimum (not including the lot) I think it's going to be 175k. Basically it's going to cost the exact same as a much larger house. Because I have to hire local people to do the whole thing. And now the bank is involved so that takes away even more of my freedom.

    Building a tiny house is ONLY economical if you are building the entire thing yourself and not involving authorities and banks and contractors. I've learned too late that this is the reason all the "tiny house dwellers" build their own houses on trailers (to avoid all the local codes) - or build it themselves off in the wilderness somewhere - definitely NOT at the beach.

  3. Just make sure you keep talking about it here and all us blogg-y friends will be the ones to rent it. That way, hopefully no one will puke on your couch, well, I guess I can't make any promises from my 2 year old...

  4. :( I'm sorry. I was hoping for an April Fool's thing...
    One day, when I'm not in the pit of poop I'm in, I'll rent your beach cottage :D And I'll tell all my family and friends about it too. They're not a bunch of drunk teens anymore.


  5. oh! I totally forgot it's April Fools Day! lol, no this isn't a joke but I wish it was! ha ha ha

  6. It's your dream beach house. Your nieces will adore it. You will rent it aggressively until it's paid off. It will be worth it!

  7. No, no, no...don't even entertain the notion of renting your haven out to a bunch of unappreciative and over-indulged teenagers. Rent it out to under-appreciated mothers who are looking to finish their craft projects. 100% serious on that suggestion, I have a friend who goes on these scrapbooking overnights all the time. Well, her husband and his brothers inherited a house on Kent Island and have decided after a few years of trying to keep up with it that they're going to start renting it out for people to have craft weekends and such.

  8. Here's my recommendation, post your vacation rental home on this website:, charge $250 a night, more during high season, no smokers, no pets, no pukers! Easy, no?

  9. Fabric, Etsy, pillows, & curtains?? Now I see how you feel when I insert all those sports references in my posts. :) I love Nikki's comparison of 'unappreciative' teens vs. 'under-appreciatiated' Moms. (I instantly started looking for the LIKE button to click.) Well said, Nik.
    Katy, I agree w/ you totally on the rental option. Saintseester and Susan are pretty much saying what I think... & I presume what you're planning to help you get where you need to be. But options help & that location on the beach gives you lots of options.

  10. So, some times I live vicariously through you with the whole beach house :)
    I found some stuff for you whilst I was perusing etsy :)

    Kari @ the sunset lane

  11. Kari!
    looove it. that pitcher! i am highly tempted...........argh


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