Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One little, two little, three little cabinet doors...

Four little, five little, six little cabinet doors....

Seven little, eight little, nine little cabinet doors....

Ten Little cabinet doors!

Next post is gonna be the last one on Dawn's built-ins - almost time to do my little "reveal" dance :)
I guess after 9 months we're all ready for this project to wrap up!
EDITED TO ADD: another photo of how I built these for Adrienne :) -
I got this jig at Lowe's, here. It's a total piece of crap - another example of me NOT READING REVIEWS before I buy stuff. I wish I could find the receipt so I could return it. I had to fudge it and so none of the dowels were tight. You're better off buying a good table saw and learning how to properly construct doors. :/  I routed the backside of each door and laid the beadboard inset, then nailed it in place - again, not a professional job but at least it's done. I am never a good example of how to do things "right" because I never want to spend lots of money on the right equipment/tools. :/

Some other odds and ends:
1. the kids' veggie garden looks like it might actually produce something this year
2. looks like another builder has blown me off, and now I'm shopping again. :( But architect seems to think he can make this happen. If any of you feel like praying for a beach shack to miraculously appear this summer, I appreciate it. :/
3. my blog appears to be broken. The slide deck at the top (that used to have tabs that slid across the header?) is not loading correctly all of the sudden, even though I haven't touched my code. :( Do any of you see that mess up there or is it just me?

I need something to cheer me up. The pink lemonade vodka was working until I gained like, 3 lbs this month. bleh
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  1. The slide deck isn't working for me, but congrats on nearly finishing the built-ins. I have a massive built-in project I want to work on but my husband won't let me start anything because we have to sell our other house first. No funds. Alas. Next year, maybe.

    I love the bead board panels in those doors.

  2. works in IE but not in Firefox all of the sudden....the plot thickens!

  3. Hey! Glad to see another post! And its relevant to me because I just attempted built-ins and have NO doors. How did you figure out how to make them? What tools did you need? I am having a real learning process in trying to trim out these bookshelves--I call it a learning process each and every time I screw up and have to redo something. I just recently sawed right through the cord on my jigsaw. :(

  4. Adrienne I'm going to add another photo and some details to this post, showing how I built them. I didn't do it the "right" way. :/
    Saintseester - I'll pray you sell your house. And no, you don't need St. Christopher ;)

  5. Has it really been 9 months already? Wow that's crazy. Sorry you're having an issue with builders. I hear that's a common issue and it's lame. Something to cheer you up? Well this always makes me laugh way more than it should:

  6. Way to go Katy!!!! You did it. Cheers


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