Vintage Faucets & The Spring Garden

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The old clawfoot tub has been sitting out behind my dad's garden since I finished it last year. Which is bad news since now it needs some "Freshening up". I'm getting red auto paint for the exterior (upcoming post on that, similar to what I did on the antique iron bed) - and the faucet came in the mail:

and the faucet for the old cast iron sink came too:
It's gorgeous. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Plus the cute scrubbie I found at the local Fred's - red polka dots were calling to me! (Pay no attention to the backsplash needing new caulk!!)

Uh yeah. Still no start date for construction. :(  By the time they get me a contract I'm going to have half the building materials squirreled away in my closets already - the plumber may not like that I've already got most of my fixtures but I guess they'll deal with it.

Then I dug out the kids' garden and planted our 2nd attempt at vegetable gardening:

We are trying to grow tomatoes, dill, and cilantro. Again. Plus pickling cucumbers, crook neck squash, and of course another strawberry crop. I have diligently studied (read: scoured Pinterest) for tips on getting strawberries to produce.

So this year I'm hoping for a better showing.

sigh. Seems like I'm still waiting on so much - not just berries and builders. And who wants to read a blog where the only thing that ever happens is.....Waiting. ?  So I'm trying not to post too much. Hope y'all are having a happy spring and fair weather!!

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  1. You could always post project ideas good for killing time while you are waiting. Oh, that reminds me, I need to find someone who can help me repair an old tin roof! lol. At least spring seems to be here,now. I was wondering if it was ever going to be warm enough to work outside.

  2. Love the photos. I've been giving my strawberries extra woodstove ashes in hopes of a better crop. That's assuming I get strawberries before the wiregrass does.

  3. I'm no good with gardening. My mom's a wiz but won't do edibles-- not many at least. I love your faucets!

  4. last year we were sure this year we'd be planting a garden. but here it is, april (and just had a week of record breaking lows: 15 degrees)....and so, yeah. your garden is real. mine is still in my head.


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