Where I Review Some Recipes From Pinterest and Feel Crippling Self-Doubt

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The title comes from Henri, in case you need some more angst in your life. I know I do.

I get tired of pinning lots of recipes, knowing full well that I probably won't make any of them. So in the last couple of months I've attempted a few, and I thought I would write up a review of these recipes in case you are also extremely handicapped in the kitchen. It will save you some time (and self esteem).

First I will post the ones that turned out good.

#1. Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars from the Busty Baker
These were yummy, although very labor intensive. Took a long time (for me), the kitchen was a mess and there were loads of dishes afterward (again, this is me) - but I made them for Christmas and I was thrilled that they turned out good. They did not look like the picture, since the little dinner mints melted down too much in the batter and looked brown - not colorful. I am not sure what I did wrong. ?

#2. Banana Bread Bars:

These came out fantastic. Everyone loved them. Yum yum yum - and it was a little less work than the sugar cookies.

 #3. Banana Nutella Bread from Nutella Every Day:

This came out awesome as well - the kiddies love it. This was not too hard, no harder than regular banana bread.

So we're doing pretty well here - can you sense a pattern? It seems like I can handle baked goods. 
I tried other things. 

I am not even going to post a picture. I found it on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a great idea. Hash browns, cheese, bacon, garlic, onion, eggs. It sounded great.
It was awful. I think the directions call for the cooking time to be twice as long as it should be - eggs cook up very quickly. It was so incredibly dry that all the kids (including the neighbor kid who had spent the night with us) could not eat it. I threw out an entire crockpot of expensive ingredients and I felt SHAME.

Her picture makes it look perfect and delicious. Here's what my pot looks like right now:

still trying to get the mess off the pot & my house stinks to high heaven. Didn't matter how long I boiled those @#$% dumplins, they wouldn't cook right. They were soggy pieces of dough.

Up next....
I really want to attempt these. But I'm so scared. :/

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  1. I'm sure you've already cleaned the pot by now- but place a new dryer sheet in the pan with water and let it sit overnight. Use the dryer sheet as a scrubber with some dish soap- the gunk will come right off. Also, used dryer sheets make awesome dish scrubbers!

  2. Good for you for trying at least. I'm also slowly going through Pinterest recipes and actually trying them. If I read over them and realize there is no way I'm fooling with it, they get deleted. Surprisingly there are lots of those! Have you seen http://pinstrosity.blogspot.com/ yet? I love the food fail ones.

    Sarah K.

  3. Oh my gosh, more- this is hilarious

    I have never had a crockpot breakfast do-dah come out anything but dry - so don't feel too bad on that one

  4. for me, if the recipe calls for noodles, it also needs to say "boil noodles in water first". otherwise....they go in dry. and this is why i am the talk of the town here....

    but i have four dark bananas in my freezer that i thought i'd try in your bar recipe. that looks so good!

  5. hahaha
    I didn't know how to cook when I first got married, and in an attempt to impress my new husband I checked gourmet cookbooks out of the library and went to it! We can look back now and laugh at what was more "gormee" than gourmet, but it was painful at the time! Especially since we were poor college students on a very limited budget and it really hurt to throw out the disasters -- of which there were many :) Over time I learned different cooking techniques and there were fewer failures.

    I've tried some recipes I pinned and most have been okay. I've learned it's a hit-or-miss thing, that some bloggers apparently like to post recipes they've never actually tried or -- in my more cynical moments think -- they've posted fake recipes just to drive us crazy in our attempts to make them!

    Thanks for sharing the failures as well as the successes. Makes the rest of us realize it's not just us this happens to!

  6. Happy Mothers Day Katy. Hope you have a wonderful day.


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