Cabinet Doors and Ranty Time

8:45 AM Katy 3 Comments

Hey remember when I said the next time I post about Dawn's built-ins it was *totally* going to be the awesome reveal?

Oh hey. Not so much.
There is a good reason that I was most worried about building the cabinet doors. Because this is freaking HARD and I know that I'm missing some key knowledge. There aren't any easy templates to figure out how to hang the hinges inside the faceframes... and then I thought that these were the correct magnet catches , but it turns out what i really needed were these:

at least I think so. Not 100% sure on this. Maybe I'll figure it out tonight.

Also. My insurance man keeps calling me. And sending me letters. And calling me at work. And trying to get me to meet him on Saturday. I've begun to think he is stalking me. He must think I'm a good candidate for a strong-arm panic-ridden up sale in insurance that I don't need - hence the terrifying-looking letters that say things like "OMG YOUR INSURANCE POLICY TOTALLY WILL NOT PAY YOUR MORTGAGE IF YOU DIE I NEED TO SEE YOU IMMEDIATELY ASAP!"  Or is this how insurance people operate these days? Is this normal? Because it's irritating as sh*t.

It's a funny thing about fear. Even though I *know* in my logical brain that his letters are sales tactics, whenever I open one that has his handwriting and a huge red ink circle saying "THIS IS SERIOUS YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW" - inside I try to laugh...then I get angry at him for trying to scare me (I mean what if I was some poor confused 85 yr old lady?)...

but then I feel afraid. Because red ink and scary commands make me nervous. 

Then I feel stupid.

Now I think he is a big jerk and I'm worried that someday when I'm 85 and driving my scooter down to the mailbox, I'll open one of his letters and have a panic attack for real! Or worse yet -- fall for it and call him. lol

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  1. Don't fall for the insurance guy. See, they start out with the insurance, then they magically become "financial advisors" and then try to scare you into buying more stuff.

    Here's a little story about the last time my insurance agent tried that:

  2. it's why i rarely listen to my voice mails....even though all my voice mails are good, i am still braced for one that is circled in red strokes with big booming voice yelling... heh...

  3. I've yet to run across those letters and calls thankfully... but I think I would ignore them.. you have enough to worry about!


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