Sunday, July 7, 2013

My obsession with car paint continues. After the iron bed and the clawfoot tub, I decided that this old steel drafting table needed the same treatment:
Before we had laptops with AutoCAD and Solidworks, engineers and architects used these drafting tables. My employer had a couple of these gathering dust since the 90's when they switched everything over to computer drafting. I snagged this monster for $15. Desk-O-Matic steel tables were made in Sheboygan, WI (in the 1970's I think?)

I think the lamp looks like a frog's butt! :)
My kids think this is the most awesome art table ever. I have it in the middle of our living room now. Frog green with rainbow metallic added, of course. Matching chair and lamp too. (of course) This paint only shoots rainbows when the sun hits it, and it's been gloomy and rainy lately so these were the best pics I could get...

I don't know how long this will last before I am tired of it and need to sell it on Craigslist -- I'll make some art teacher very happy eventually. :)

I'm closing on the construction loan for the beach house this month, I'll post again when the good stuff starts happening. :)
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  1. Ok girl, I am officially in luv with your car paint! My question, do you paint it yourself or take it to the shop for painting? Off to look at he necklaces!
    Dee Dee

  2. Thank you for spreading the word about this fabulous charity. It is so good to see God open doors for a community of people to come and support another person/ family! I have a friend who is in an emotionally and most likely physically abusive marriage. Over the years it has broken my heart to see her continue to stay because he has her believing that she is worthless, that he will never let her see her kids again if she does leave. I pray that your friend is encouraged and supported and feels the love of others wrap around her as she walks down this new road. Like you, she is brave too!
    Dee Dee

  3. Dee Dee! First: me and my dad do the car paint with his air compressor and paint gun (because my compressor isn't big enough) - but you can certainly take things to an auto body shop and they'll usually paint other things besides cars! :)
    Second: tell your friend about that website, and there's another one I can send you a link to that might be even more helpful. Send me an email if you need it... ((hugs))

  4. Thanks for the chance to help someone today, Katy. It was a pretty awful day, and donating felt better than the tequila I was considering.

  5. not a day goes by i am not thankful i was able to get to where i am and away from where i was. i want other women to be able to do this. no surprise you are lending a hand. i will, too.

    and i am so jealous of your art table! dang it, we should be neighbors.

  6. Came across a drafting table (Desk O Matic) almost identical to yours and was considering painting it green. You and your dad did a great job. How long did it take to sand down?


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