Prepare Yourself to be Traumatized.

7:46 PM Katy 9 Comments

Because I am!!  My builder is the most wonderful guy, he sends me lots of pictures for my blog and calls me every week to tell me the latest drama. He is a blogger's dream, amirite?
This latest update brings a new chapter in the Chronicles of The Man Who Lived Here - which, if you've been following from the start you know more about him than most people probably should. (So now I'm re-thinking posting all of this crazy detail. sigh.)
Let's just hit the high points:
  1. The tree limbs have been trimmed back
  2. the power lines have been moved
  3. the ancient city water line (that is no longer in use, thank God) was hit by the bulldozer and in a panic, he called the water dept, and apparently the whole city showed up on my lot
  4. the builder hit a CACHE of beer bottles with the bulldozer. Apparently the man drank incredible amounts of bottled beer and dug a pit on the property to bury them. 
  5. I told him that I had found some dark bottles full of what I suspected was homemade hooch, and he replied:  oh -there's no doubt about that.
  6. The builder told me that every person that he's met on the island so far has stories about previous owner. Apparently one of the water guys used to catch racoons and possums in live traps for him - because he liked to EAT THEM.
I need a break .. hold please.

*slow breathing*

Okay so HAPPY THOUGHTS PEOPLE. I must think positive or I will get overwhelmed. We've already had 4 inspections of the oh-so-important silt fence & driveway gravel. Everything is such a big freaking deal.

If all goes well we could be getting this house out of the ground next week, as the builder put it.

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  1. It is going to get built and it is going to be wonderful! And years later you can tell the story of all these hurdles and laugh. Or drink heavily.

  2. I think Shorty sounds awesome, and it's not like you have to live in his same house, thank goodness. As someone who worked for a erosion company way back in the day, it IS a very big deal, because people make a lot of money making it a big was pretty ding dang ridiculous...

  3. I love the glass half full sentiment. It's perfect.

  4. Just caught up on your posts, which made me laugh. Hurray to finally making progress. Keep your eye on the prize and the margaritas close by!

  5. You are stressing way to much...tybee is just that way.. And with FEMA it is sooooo much worse. Thought Anthony was building your house

  6. Had to chuckle a few times..... Heres hoping not to see any raccoon or possum skeletons buried around the property. Looking forward to your next post!!

  7. How exciting to be on the brink of getting your house out of the ground!
    The previous owners of our house were quite disturbing as well. Chickens in the house, dogs that ate all the wood trim (we're assuming it was dogs, but maybe not), rooms painted electric blue with electric orange finger painting on the walls. We didn't tear down completely, but kept only the bare bones and rebuilt fresh from there.
    p.s. One of the things I love about Montana is their extreme lack of building regulations. Definitely has it's downside, but made our remodel a breeze!

  8. i am catching up with you. don't want to miss a moment. love this: getting the house out of the ground. poetry is surrounding your lot. cheering you on!!


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