The foundation is finished

9:18 AM Katy 7 Comments

rebar in the footings..

They were preparing for the slab in this pic.
Framing is next! I cannot believe it!! It's almost time for me to load up the clawfoot bathtub and schlep it down there... I think I can cram it in my minivan, no worries.

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  1. I'm so excited for this project that has absolutely no ties to me what-so-ever! I can't wait til you get in it!

  2. well Dawn, who knows maybe someday you will come stay here for a vacation. :P

  3. I'm with Dawn - I love seeing updates for your beach shack and love how it is all *finally* coming together for you and your family. :)

  4. If I was your neighbor, I would help you paint!!

  5. Funny you should say that Katy, every time you talk about your niece with CF I want to mention I have a niece with CF as well.

    She's 13 and doing very well right now. In fact, she ran in a 5K with me, her mom, and her best friend this weekend and she crushed it despite the fact that she has never run more then a mile at a time before! She finished in like 34;10 minutes. So proud of her!

  6. Love it! Makes me think of the scene from The Money Pit w/ Tom Hanks saying, "It's happening. It's really happening." Very happy for you and your family.


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