Concrete & A Little Encouragement

7:22 PM Katy 9 Comments

Trying to remind myself how far I've come, because we're stalled on framing and I feel like I will be an old lady before this is done. (My mom told me to quit whining. I HAVE NO PATIENCE. 2 YEARS OKAY!? TWO...YEARS...)
my parents took a day trip to the island and took some better pictures of the finished foundation...(yeah that's my mom)

my sweet builder and his lovely supervisor, Missy, carved all the kids' names in the concrete for us.

And something to remind us why I took this leap:

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  1. Before you know it...... keep breathing!
    dee dee
    ps. it will be worth it all!

  2. Breathe in. hold. breath out. Repeat

  3. Gorgeous view of the pier and water -WOW!
    You could always start taking a tent. Just kidding - I feel for you. How frustrating. God is teaching you patience, I guess?

  4. Bird by bird, just take it bird by bird.

  5. Another step closer!!!! I know I keep saying how exciting, but it really is Katy!

  6. The names! So cute- not many builders would do that!

  7. You're doing it Katy. You're REALLY doing it! So happy for you and glad you're letting us all come along for the ride. Not being funny here... I think that conc. and masonry in place look's beautiful. And like Mollie D., I really love the names.

  8. Just keep reminding yourself that one day you'll be enjoying that view with the project completed and a margarita in hand. Go Katy, go Katy, go Katy!

  9. see, you've restored so much in so many of us. you have no idea. you thought you were just pursuing YOUR dream, building your house....but look up and see how many of us are with you on this. you rawk (do people still say that?) yah for you!


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