Framing & More Warnings From the Neighbor

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George wants to say that he's not happy with the house wrap and it's getting tweaked, but I don't care because it's just so AWESOME
Here is the plan from an earlier post:
and here are some interior shots:
George is standing where the kitchen sink will be.
staircase, I was taking pics of the go-bolts. This is hurricane building code now. 25' (?) threaded rods that go from the concrete piers all the way through to the top plate. This is all new to me, Missy The Supervisor :)  tried to explain the special screws she had to use on the front face of the house but I got lost in all my excitement.

smaller bedroom upstairs. This is where the bunkbeds will go. and maybe the antique bed.
corner closet in the small bedroom, the laundry area is directly behind that.

OKAY so you wanna hear all the fun stuff right? I am afraid to post WTH is really going on because eventually I will have to post where this house is located, so I don't want to blog too much about my neighbor drama, right? I am not sure what to do, because it is almost too good to ignore it...and yet maybe it will bite me in the butt later.

Most of my neighbors seem totally cool. There is ONE though.....

she told the supervisor :  "I hope those aren't children's bedroom windows looking down on my backyard because I'm not going to change my lifestyle. If I want to lay out topless and burn one, I will."

 OH YES.  And now I am trying to decide how many windows need interior shutters that I can lock into place. If you want to lay around naked outside and roll joints (or worse), you best move out to the country and get some acreage. The funny thing is, she hated the shack that I tore down and called the city to complain about it, but of course she doesn't want me building anything else there, either. Apparently she owns the whole block and me and my kids better get used to it.

Not likely.

At least she's not killing racoons or possoms and roasting them out back, like Previous Owner.
Now I wonder if I will have to delete this whole post. Or maybe edit it later. sigh.

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  1. LOL Good fences make good neighbors! Or in your case, locking shutters. Besides all that, it looks amazing!

  2. The house is looking great! Forget the neighbor. Window film and/or fast growing evergreens are a beautiful thing. So is making friends with local cops for backup!

  3. Maybe a good lesson for the kids on how great freedom in America is?? Ha ha- what a weirdo!!

  4. you know what, there is always a nay-sayer in the bunch. i think it reflects on their lack of happiness and their resistance to change. she'll come around. but who cares. we won't care. we don't care. (as in she can't bother us, this is too good to let something like a whine take it down) you have an absolute dream place going on and because of YOU. cheering you on, loving every detail...

  5. Tell her if you want to let your kids run screaming around the yard you will lol. Or better yet tell her to kiss your {insert word here}

  6. Yes!! Love it. Santa may bring your kids some surfing gear. :)

  7. Sounds like she is a sad and insecure person who is craving attention. Maybe once you move in you will have a chance to touch her life for the better.


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