Building a Vanity, Restoring Another Vintage Sink, and Persevering...

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I haven't completely forgotten the blog here, but I frequently get overwhelmed with life so - whatever.  :P Where did we leave off?  I think I have windows and doors now, and we passed our plumbing and electrical rough-in inspections. woo hoo! I think I have HVAC too, but last I saw the ductwork was being run - it was a toss-up between using 2 mini-splits in this house or doing forced air - but in the end I think the forced air won the cost battle. (Probably not by much).
Now for that other is a reminder of what I started with, muhahahha:

It took a while to get the first layer of scum off. But after that, I alternated scrubbing with extremely strong muriatic acid (same ingredient that I used when I restored the clawfoot bathtub) and Comet cleanser. It took a couple of hours of scrubbing. I think the Previous Owner might have been using this thing as a urinal.

Here's one more blurry cell phone pic: instead of patching the rusted edges of this sink with fiberglass (like I did with the vintage kitchen sink) - I decided to paint the edge red. This is another option if you have edges that are a mess but patching it with fiberglass would look worse:
 I am ordering these faucets:
And I decided to build a vanity for this to sit on, rather than just hanging it on the wall in the powder room. Here is my inspiration that I found on Pinterest:
The thing that I have to alter is that board under the backside of the counter - it's mounted to the wall, but in my case the plumbing might be in the way so I'm going to mount that backer board to the top of counter instead, since it will butt up against the sides of my sink.
I'm waiting on my glue to dry up:
This is two pieces of edge-glued 36" X 12" - I'm edge gluing them together to create a 24" X 36" piece, which is the perfect size for the bathroom vanity. I'll jigsaw a hole for the bottom of the sink.

So there's my update. I'm busy busy busy! Next I'm trying to pick out paint colors for the floors, and the rainbow siding on the exterior -- seriously losing sleep over that one!!

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  1. You are still an inspiration to us all! Merry Christmas

  2. You are amazing!!! So pretty! I love the vanity idea! :)

  3. I'm just getting caught up. You're progress is amazing! It's exciitng, isn't it, to see it all come together?

    One of the reasons I'm behind in blog visiting, is because I recently got my homesteading book published! Very exciting. Do drop by my blog to help me celebrate. :)

  4. Now that took some elbow grease!! Very nice Katy. Just in case I don't see you on here before Christmas, I hope you and your family have a great one. All the best to you in 2014! Cheers

  5. So happy to see progress, Katy. I wish you and your family a wonderul Christmas! Joanie from Michigan

  6. Can't wait to see what you do. I'm sure you are giving your arm a rest after all that sink scrubbing. It looks great!


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