Thursday, December 26, 2013

My winter blues are in full swing, so I'm going to the tanning bed tomorrow. Desperate times, people. Desperate.
But my brother surprised me with the best Christmas present ever - I was so overcome when he unloaded it in the garage that I kissed all my nieces twice and then hugged it!
God it's so beautiful, isn't it? :)

Okay and now to my new sweetheart, I found this little nugget on Craigslist and peeled tires to Greenville to get it - wow.
This is a late 1940's Standard wall sink with chrome legs. I love that the water spout is cast into the sink. It's in glorious condition, so I'm hauling it down to the beach shack on Monday, along with the other sink, a load of leftover subway tiles, and some more odds and ends.

Here's some recent pics of the house, courtesy of lovely Kathryn who found my blog and has a house nearby - she figured out that I was building in her neck of the woods ;) Her husband drove by and took these and emailed them to me out of the blue this week!
Crazy - small world, right!?

Did I? no?  Boy that was fun, panicking and hounding the bank and insurance agents. Then I got a notice that my flood insurance isn't adequate.

This is not good for my depressive winter state. I've decided that if I want to make it to old age with less hysteria I must move to Costa Rica. I'm already looking at real estate. You know it!!!

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  1. Insanely jealous of that pink beauty!!! And so happy to see the progress on the shack, there are some nice people in this world :)

  2. Sweet tool box Katy. I am busy drinking orange chocolate port and reading all my bloggy friend updates and am so happy for the progress on your house. It is really taking shape. You must be over the moon girl!! Well I hope you and the kids had a wonderful Christmas. You deserve it!!! Cheers.

  3. That tool box is just way too cool. Plus an awesome pink to boot. Hooray for brothers!!! :)


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