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Another update for those of you who are actually still reading this :)
Hopefully siding and paint will be done after next week, then it's insulation and drywall on the interior - super excited to see the color going up. I chose this off a paint chip without doing any samples first - which is usually not the thing to do. But in this case, I knew I wanted it to be very bright.
This is Pantone's "Sweet Lavender"
The color looks off in these pictures - for some reason it looks washed out and sort of periwinkle. But in real life it is a very vibrant purple, a bit on the electric side. I love it - totally perfect. Of course we're going to have an accent color too, and I've almost decided what color the floors will be painted...

The latest drama is getting a notice in the mail from a law firm, saying one of the framing subcontractors put a lien on the house. HA. Because they walked away from the job and never finished my porches or stairways or anything? Builder just rolled his eyes and told me he would take care of it. I told my dad -- what did they think, that by sending the single mom a threatening letter demanding payment + interest+ legal fees, that I was going to freak out and write them a check? I've been to the rodeo so many times now, a threatening letter just makes me snicker. 
Plus I can't find my checkbook.
Plus the city just changed my address so they put a lien on an address that doesn't even exist anymore. hahahaa
 (I am writing this stuff down so that someday I can look back and remember all this - it's sort of a haze at the moment.)
Also I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't figure out how to get all the beds I wanted into the smallest bedroom - and Builder said "why can't we turn the larger bedroom into the bunk room?" - and we decided it made more sense, since this house is really all about the kids anyway. He's cooking up some built-in bunkbeds, I think this is going to be so FUN!
Framing is finished (the porch and stairs will be last after the rest of the siding is up) and the paint is awesome - so the progress continues. One week at a time...   hanging in there. 

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  1. Wow! I always figured building a home from the ground-up would be a circus, but you've had some crazy stuff throw your way! LOVE the colour of the house, btw. The bunk room sounds great. I think I'd want to sleep in there with the kids, ha.

  2. That color is great - really love it. Can't wait to see the final product. What is it with worthless contractors, who think they should be paid when they don't show up/do a crappy job. Keep your head down and your chin up (is that even possible?)

  3. Yay for electric purple! I love it! All of it! xoxo Meg

  4. ive been following your journey for a while now and its just amazing... you are making your dream come true and sounds like you have some wonderful people watching your back too....love the color too....its perfect.....and its going up so quick...

  5. The color is adorable- I love it

    Your builder sounds awesome- can't wait to see the bunks

  6. Well, I comment in the other post before reading this one...! A bit LATE! But can't wait to see how the color ends up!
    Now, I must say your Lil' "daughter in law" **ahem** Looooves Purple! Lol! :-p xoxoxo -Marisabel

  7. awesome progress!! i've been following your story since day one! don't let those terrible people take advantage, they think they'll get away with it.

  8. of course we are still reading you. if we lived there, we'd be stopping by for a drink, right? the color thrills. the bunk bed room, yes! and the scary legal action- yeah, doesn't that just floor you that some people can't figure out those tactics are wrong and won't work? but shame on them, right, for trying. cheering! -s

  9. I have been reading your story from day one. I look forward to all the post on the progress. Your a tough cookie! and inspiring. Keep up the good works! :)

  10. I love seeing your progress. It's very exciting to pop in, see that you are taking this from a dream to a reality and also in record time. Ok, maybe to you it doesn't seem like record time....sort of like a pregnancy - when it's yours, it seems to take forever. Also love the bunk room idea and to the idea of BOLD color.....bring it on! Please keep the progress reports coming.

  11. Love the color and all the green of your trees. Being stuck in a snowbank here, it's so refreshing to see exterior construction happening!! I bet you are itching to start the interior.

  12. Going to be beautiful!!!! The colors are fun!


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