Sunday, March 23, 2014

Every month as I write (bigger and bigger) checks, I am getting so completely worn out that I'm actually NO LONGER HAVING PANIC ATTACKS.
If you've ever read this blog before you'll likely be as shocked as I am. As I look back on the scrapbook of hysteria /  portrait of fickleness / diary of anxiety that this blog has become, I realize: I still freak out on a regular basis. (I am practicing this new thing called "no yelling". So far I failed a couple times today but I keep trying to hit the reset button. I told my kids -in a calm tone of voice - that they don't hear me unless I yell. They kept talking to each other like I hadn't even opened my mouth. I think I accidentally trained them to only respond to my shouts.)
But anyway. I mean -- I am no longer having panic attacks over this whole house thing. Because clearly it's not making any difference. Whatever.

This MUST be progress? I feel like if I could just get my kids to stop bickering, I would be the laid-back person I was in college! (HAHAHAHAHA that was a joke my nickname in college was "Shout-y")
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  1. Haha Shouty! Mine was Thumper because I had such a heavy walk for someone who weighed less than a hundred pounds. That must be a picture of your front deck? Is the drywall finished?

  2. It's looking gorgeous!!! I think if anyone ever said building from the ground up was easy, they were lying! lol.

  3. Katy it's all so real now! I truly can't believe it from where you started and then it might not happen to seeing actual (almost) finished structure! Happy Day.

  4. Your Beach House is looking spectacular! I'm seeing lots of details/touches by your builder in the pics. that I bet you'll really appreciate. Things that will make it as special as you've dreamed it will be.
    And, some advice to get the kids to stop bickering...... sorry, I got nothing. :( Oh wait, I just thought of one: Time Out on the balcony w/ out handrails. Crank it up a notch.


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