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I am still alive, and you precious people who wrote to check and see if I am ok - bless you. I had planned to come back to this blog someday when I knew what to say. But the words kept failing me.
So here is an update, although I don't think this will sound terribly positive yet.
exterior doors- Pantone Dewberry
First - I still own the beach house, although that ownership is tenuous at the moment. The house is done but not finished, if you know what I mean. Most of the fabric I had collected over the last two years is still sitting in my closet, because I can't find the will to keep working on something that may (or may not) be mine for much longer.
We've been making good use of it while we can!!!

Second - I lost my job very unexpectedly. So now I am an unemployed engineer.

Third - The city sewer backed up into my house recently and I was wading ankle-deep through my neighbors' shit and feeling that perhaps God does not love me and never did. I won't thrill you with the pictures of that.

BUT. You will be happy to hear that something has changed for the better. And not just "silver linings".  Me and the kids were watching one of those Pirates of the Caribbean movies recently, and Captain Jack says "close your eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream. That's how I get through." And I laughed rather maniacally over that while my kids asked me what was so funny.

Make no mistake though - everything is about to change. Again!

And yes - God loves me. A lot more than I ever thought. Hang in there kittens... this story is not over. :)

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  1. Is Canada too far away. My company is hiring.

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  3. Can you move to the beach house year round and sell your other home? It looks just perfect! I can't wait to hear more... Heidi

  4. I love this and I love you. xo, Meg

  5. Glad to hear you have been able to enjoy it. I saw the listing photos and it looks amazing - bright, colourful and comfortable. Sorry to hear of your job loss. Never a fun time. Hoping things will swing around for you!

  6. God does love you and he has a plan. Hang in there.

  7. Katy, your photos are all amazing. Looks like the kids are loving the beach life. I am so sorry to hear about your job though! I hope you are hanging in there and I will look forward to your next update! I really missed you!

  8. Sending you love and prayers xxx

  9. Katy I'm on pins and needles waiting to here your outcome. Love how quaint and colorful the beach shack turned out, I spy that dear sink and love your floors. Keep sharing, I'm waiting!!

  10. Forgive me for quoting another book, but , but, it just seems to fit. This from the "Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt. "And, increasingly, I find myself fixing on that refusal to pull back. Because I don't care what anyone says or how often or winningly they say it: no one will ever, ever be able to persuade me that life is some awesome, rewarding treat. Because, here's the truth: life is a catastrophe....and yet to know as well, despite all this, as cruelly as the game is stacked, that it's possible to play it with a kind of joy. . .

    You are doing it, Katy. Wading straight through the cesspool, while keeping your eyes and heart open. You got this.

  11. I am so sorry about your job loss. If you envisioned one little dream cottage by the sea and you have to sell it - you can simply do it again one day. In the mean time, give your kids some time there that you had envisioned, it certainly looks like you and them are having fun there.

  12. oh no... so sorry to hear about the job, katy. hang in there.

  13. Thank you for updating this Katy love. You know we are always here for you if not financially emotionally <3 Hang in there and keep me in the loop. Prayers for y'all always. We miss you & the kids so much.

  14. Katy,
    Thank you for posting an update. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for the past few months. Your photos are simply wonderful! So glad that you are able to enjoy your beautiful beach home for the time being, As you wait for what the future holds, I am praying for your dreams to turn from "bad" to "good"! Sending a hug and some love your way!
    Dee Dee
    this kitten is hanging in there with you!

  15. Katy,
    So glad to see the post and current update. I have been wondering about you - but did not want to pry. I loved seeing the pics of the beach looks FAB... and also the kids enjoying the beach. Jobs come and go, believe me I know. When I was a solo mom, I actually walked away from a job, to maintain my mental health and enjoy some time with my children. Although scary not to have the salary, we made it....and I refused to let myself freak out about the no salary status, because I did not want to diminish my hiatus. Hoping you can do the same and enjoy the beach and kids while you can. Another job always comes along, but precious time with the kids cannot be easily had once the happens.
    BTW, I can't wait to read the next "Katy chapter" :) One more thing, shit really only happens to those that have the strength, courage and brains to walk through it and come out on the other side.
    Thinking of you.

  16. Katy....I just found you through the Hooked on Houses blog.....I'm just trying to catch up with what is going on......but let me just say....I am certain He has a plan. Your beach house is are one talented lady!!!!
    Andrea in Illinois (but a Tybee fanatic)


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