Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I was at the house this past weekend, and decided to take a few more pictures since the exterior paint is finished and I actually put up some bedroom curtains. But first, for funsies, a little blast from the past:
What a wild almost-3-years this has been. Now that it is mostly over, I am finally enjoying my kids' reactions to things.
Siding: Pantone Sweet Lavender, Doors: Pantone Dewberry

When I was in a mad dash to get the house furnished and "staged" I didn't have time to use any of the fabrics that I collected and planned... instead I literally threw together whatever I could get my hands on. The curtains are from my kids' bedrooms at home & the bedding is from my neighbor's linen closet!
Long time visitors to this blog might remember the vintage humidor and lamp - I dug those out of the trash in the shack before tear-down. The iron bed is an 1880's antique, painted with "Viper blue" car paint. The rug is from Walmart ( I was in a hurry!) and the art is from Etsy.
It turns out that I kinda like the bedroom like this, even without my darling pre-planned fabrics.
A close-up of some of our new little friends:
All of the kids' beach treasures are piling up in the windowsills: pelican feathers, crab claws, oyster shells ~
 I am finally letting myself relax and enjoy.  (I realized that in all the categories I had for my blog posts, I had several related to "depression and woe" and "anxiety", and no labels for happiness. So I fixed that - I'm filing this one under JOY.)  :)
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  1. JOY! good for you. it's not easy and so most don't go "there", but you can't stay pinned down for long, though it feels that way when it is happening. love!

  2. What an amazing transformation!!! You're my hero!

  3. SO glad to see you back to posting, especially with the feeling of joy vs. anxiety. I know both well. Although we may never meet FTF, I sort of feel like we are kindred spirits. Loved seeing your beach place. It looks absolutely fabulous. more importantly, I'm just glad to hear you are leaving a stressful career and looking for something more joyful. Yep, I did that as a solo mom too.....and survived!

  4. Love the results! The rooms look perfect, I love the mismatched beds and bedding with your found treasures

  5. I love how you decorated, even if it isn't the original fabrics you picked out. A really nice comfortable beachy mix of old and new!

  6. I think you need a career in interior designing. Your house is gorgeous, like it just stepped out of a magazine! Beautiful Katy!

  7. I hope you are really proud of yourself cos you should be :) what a great role model to your kids, this is fantastic and very beautiful achievement :) im so happy to see it finished :)

  8. I love the two little twin beds just as they are, and happy you are finding joy! Thinking of you!

  9. It looks awesome! It will all workout for the best - continue to trust in God. We cannot imagine his plans.

  10. Wow it looks fantastic. I lost track of your blog and couldn't remember the exact name, but I kept wondering how the beach house was coming along. I think you should live there full-time as it looks so homey.

  11. I think it's great that you used some materials from the old house. It looks like a happy place to be!

  12. Jane Coslick restores cottages on Tybee.....I think this is your calling also!!!!! roll up your sleeves girl and do what you clearly love!
    Andrea in Illinois

  13. I just discovered your blog and am in awe of what you did to this house. So pretty and welcoming. Looking forward to following. Hope all is well.

  14. We hope you and the family had a nice Christmas at the shack. Hoping for good news soon!

  15. Katy, wishing you a great 2015!

  16. Thinking of you and sending blessings. Joanie


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