A Song of Ugly Tile

9:07 AM Katy 6 Comments

Everywhere I look:

grout lines from hell... I cannot slide my chair across the kitchen floor.

Grout smeared across the painted trim. When I step on the special tiles, they rock under my feet to say hello. Sometimes I play hopscotch.

I like the geometric ways that they connect, different colors, angles, and then -- Wood!
But why?

the older tiles, the ones that were here in the beginning and saw things before the flood -
sometimes they crawl up the walls for no reason and then ... stop.

and they don't need to apologize. They didn't have any power in this. They are a testimony to cheap manufacturing and horrendous taste and maybe a man who had lots of money but refused to spend any of it on a professional.

The tile stretches down the hallways

like the snakes I catch outside

I am surrounded. Where will my help come from? I lift my eyes and ---

He says busting up the tile can't happen all at once because there are other priorities. Like leaking windows and doors.

I will get a jackhammer while he is at work.

Maybe he won't notice...

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  1. I could deal with the tile but not those snakes. Yuck, yuck, yuck. And a 400 page report on the house. . . I hope you guys got a spectacular deal. . . So glad you are back to posting.

  2. hee hee! Jack up that floor... he will never notice.... dee dee

  3. That looks like the worse tile job I've ever seen. I'm sure he will never notice that you traded up from the drill for a jackhammer.

  4. HOT MESS holy smokes it's like nothing I've ever seen. Please get the jackhammer asap.

  5. Mom and her Jackhammer! What are earth are people thinking when they do stuff like that?

  6. I would be driven crazy mulling over all the possibilities of why. Kind of like visiting the Winchester House.


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