The Neo-Eclectic Fortress

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This house was built in the 1990's, and the house plans were definitely tampered with.

The Previous Owner acted as his own general contractor. His version of "upgrade" was building the whole thing with steel, like a commercial building. He also did some odd things to the interior but today I'll stick with the outside shots. ;)  The inside is where the really crazy stuff is - don't want to get ahead of myself.

The basic architectural style is supposedly "neo eclectic" which means a mix of North American modern mansion + some (i think) mediterranean elements.  The exterior is not finished, though. And the railings are all wrong. and the color of the brick... Le sigh. (It is a very yellow beige, these pictures aren't doing it justice.) EDITED**** I found the original house plans in the attic! It was supposed to be FRENCH! ::

Previous Owner also installed tons of cameras and everything was connected to his "control room" where he had a computer and could monitor all the cameras. Plus the satellite dish in the attic:

Ok so I'm getting ahead of myself now...

I've never lived in a house this size, or with this many issues. It's overwhelming to me.
So far I've had the plumber out here 5 times just so we have hot and cold water and all the toilets work.

I feel like all these (rotten and leaking) patio doors and windows will be next but... that's just a guess.

Looking at these photos, you can think "wow - looks cool!" - One of the big lessons I'm learning is that a mansion can hide gigantic problems, and fixing all the issues won't necessarily make this a good investment. Because even if you fix all the problems, you've still got the aesthetics to worry about, such as:

oh but there I am, getting ahead of myself again.

Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed, I try to focus on the view.

None of these are "real" problems, and thanks to the last 12 years I will never lose sight of that. This is a house blog, though, so money + time = possible gigantic waste of resources. And I am very good at analyzing all the potential disasters ;)

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  1. That is quite a view for sure!

  2. How exciting! A real blog worthy home you have. I am looking forward to your new journey. What will you do with all that space?

  3. I think I would love living in a shack (if it didn't leak) if I had that view. Go forth and renovate! I'm excited to hear it all - even plumbing and leaking windows. :)

  4. Neo-eclectic? Is that any weird relationship to neoclassical?

    1. sorta... neoclassical is an architectural style that's a "modern North American" take on an older style - neoclassical pretty much always has those big greco-roman looking pillars in the front of the house with traingle-shaped pediments in there somewhere, like this:

      and then neo-eclectic means a modern mix of different styles. I say my house is Mediterranean because of all the round-top windows and roofline etc. but I am guessing ... the exterior wasn't finished...

  5. So glad your bringing us along for the ride. What a huge challenge you have ahead of you but well worth it for your family.

  6. Kind of a nightmare, but that VIEW! I'm very excited to follow the progress. The previous owners had some very eclectic taste....and the cameras? Are you sure he wasn't a Latin Drug Lord? I think it will be totally worth it, even if it isn't the smartest's about making a home for your new little fam.

  7. What can I ARE the woman for this project! It looks like the place has huge potential. Can't wait to see you make this a home, as you make progress in the 6 mile long list. Might want to have a brown paper bag handy - you know, for when you start to hyperventilate. :)

  8. very late in showing up here! super thrilled for you! and am glad you are posting again, i missed our visits. looking forward to your vision turning this place around and congrats big time on your marriage!!

  9. so much potential! can't wait to see what you do with it!

  10. Beautiful view. Our old home in California was in a huge neighborhood on a golf course and there were three types of architecture. There was Mission style, Mediterranean and a mix of the two they called eclectic. Ours was the eclectic. So yes, they even exist on the west coast.


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