The Craziest Floorplan EVER & some progress.

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I will skip over the horror of "before" pictures on this one, because I feel like we've all seen a gazillion of them and this is the only thing we care about, right? Just imagine that this screened porch/balcony was once home to a lot of wasps and cigarette butts. We had to rent a hole saw and drill through 8" of brick to put in a drain just so I could hose it off and paint. :/ But voila!

Then I had to quickly repaint the powder room because it was nasty and we were having people over, but that is boring and since I still haven't busted up the ugly tile floor, I will wait to post pictures on that one.

I was beginning to despair over how long it took to make progress but...
this is what it takes just to replace 4 broken-down ceiling fans. :/  I do NOT LOVE this because I am terrified of heights.

Now. let me explain that this monster house has an insane amount of square footage, but it is missing these things: a decent sized laundry room, a linen closet, a designated office space, and the master bedroom is completely open to the rest of the house:
 The bulk of the square footage was taken up by the greatroom and a massive dining room that nobody besides the Vanderbilts would ever use:

The first thing we are doing is closing up the master bedroom (seriously the echoing in this house is horrific. I need painkillers to live here, but my doctor doesn't view this is as a medical problem. WHATEVER.)

Then I am closing up this dining room and making it into a home office/den/the-place-where-we-keep-the-massive-liquor-cabinet.

And I'm currently cooking the hinges from this buffet to get the paint off them. I am thinking of repainting this piece ivory:
Once upon a time this blog was about renovating entire rooms for, like, $37.  And building kitchen banquettes out of stuff from the dumpster. And trash pallets.

Unfortunately this house is going to require a level of crazy that I never saw myself embarking on -- but is that how expertise is built? You start out making crap out of trash and then you build a teensy beach house with prayers and and then -- WHAM! suddenly you're renovating a warehouse? (please say yes, that there is some reason behind all this, because otherwise I am just exploring a hobby that never yields any financial returns.)

Anyway Happy November and I hope it's not raining where you are :)   We've had a solid month of rain, starting with the flooding across the state of SC at the beginning of October, and there's been no end in sight!

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  1. Hi just wondered if you can give me an update on how the old farmhouse sink you epoxy(ed) with marine Tex held up. Thanks so much as we have a sink that needs repair!

    1. It worked out great; I refinished that sink back in 2012 and it withstands as much use as the original porcelain finish because it's not *paint*, it's literally eopxy.

    2. argh I meant EPOXY, I don't have a quick edit button

  2. Haven't seen the sun for a few weeks in the ATL, but you're seeing worse. I hope your AC system is appropriately sized [RH and all :-)].

    And it's great to see you have a challenge worthy of your many talents! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. It's a lot of work, but I can't wait to see it. The balcony looks so cute and colorful!

  4. I almost always laugh when I read your posts. Can certainly relate to every aspect of your life and of course, the reno work too. Glad to see that you have a large liquor cabinet, which is very important with a blended family and a ton of work to do on the new "warehouse". and yes, there is a reason behind everything! FYI - I am finally working on the last bathroom here. IF I ever get it finished, I'll do 1 of my once in a blue moon posts :)

  5. You are freakin' amazing. Truly. I can't wait to see how this huge cave turns into a multimillion-dollar estate.

  6. Ha ha. You need an "ask katy" periodical, so we can find out things like the epoxy sink.

  7. That is the craziest thing I have ever seen in a master bedroom. All I could say was, "No sexy time for you." I saw the after and being me, I would have enclosed the whole wall, but I'm extremely self conscious in this manner. For light I would have installed sola-tubes, but again, that's just me. You're way braver than me!


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