Bravery. and drywall 20' in the air

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I framed out the big holes. and then Prince Charming convinced me to help him with a wild scheme of drywall and clamps and "I hope this doesn't fall 20 feet onto the living room and smash my only remaining decent lamp and wreck the floors" -- I think I only screamed one time, while hanging from a rope:
this was the second stage, after we rigged up a pulley system using the largest clamps we had and the rope, and we heaved this 150-lb rig up into the hole and then b a l a n c e d it on the edge while trying to drive screws through the sheet metal studs. Did I mention that we were both once mechanical engineers, but we come up with MacGyver crap and then fight over the laws of physics?

I think i might have screamed something about this being the stupidest idea ever.

But it's in there. one down, two to go.

the last couple of months have taught me a lot more about courage. I thought I had that subject down pat, you know. Didn't think I needed anymore lessons.

But there's more. sigh. I may have been under the impression that courage is only required when facing monsters and terrible circumstances....but there's that other kind of courage.... the kind where you're totally honest and not hiding anything. There's a difference between being a perennially negative person and just once in a while...needing to get something important out in the open before it eats you alive.

What does this have to do with drywall? I don't know. But Prince Charming and I didn't have a fight over this, and he says this was a very good sign for our future. ;) 

Next up - dissecting a house that is too big, an indoor greenhouse, and I'm planning a trip to High Point NC! :)

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  1. Hmmm -- nice to know even engineers don't do things the "right" way.

  2. Oh my! This made me smile and think to myself that I am glad I married a finance brain vs. a man with any sort of mechanical engineering skills. Good luck with this one - can't wait to see the after shots.

  3. I suppose from now on you will enter a home, look at the cathedral ceilings and have a completely new thought on the matter. ;)


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