Electric Fireplace REVIEW! Crazy LED backlit insanity...

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So have you been thinking about buying one of those electric fireplaces that you plug into the wall? Basically they are just space heaters with a really pretty mantel wrapped around them. Since I am extremely cold-blooded and South Carolina winters actually get down to 30 degrees sometimes, I decided that I needed one of these STAT.
 I ordered this one from www.ElectricFireplacesDirect.com - and no I am not getting paid to review this, as you will see. ;)
First, I bought the clearance model that had "slight defects" so I could save $300. That is fine but just be warned -- it's more than slight defects. We had to strong arm the steel brackets to bend them into the right configuration and we will definitely need to apply some heat-resistant white paint to the back of the glass since it was wearing off big time. I think this was an item that was returned to the company, and they re-sold it on "clearance" -- beware.
But if two engineers cannot make this work than we are in serious trouble right? We got it working.
But THEN...
I didn't know that this was a BACKLIT LED FIREPLACE and the colors automatically rotate? BEHOLD!

OMG Y'ALL! You can change the color of the flames AND the back-lit part.  We are laying here playing with the remote control, it's like Christmas!!! (Ignore the stupid cord hanging down -- PC is going to move my outlet up the wall so that you can't see the cord.)

God bless Chinese manufacturing and all this LED stuff that is everywhere now -- we were sitting here completely mesmerized (kids too! ha), and I'm totally warm and toasty. I recommend this fireplace just for the novelty. My parents bought one of the more traditional looking ones :
and my mom loves it. We both put ours in the bedrooms because that's where we wanted the extra heat at night.

So order yours you won't be sorry -- as long as you don't order anything off the clearance section. If you do, just know that you're getting something more screwed up than the website is going to tell you, and you'll just have to MacGuyver a solution.

XOXO hope you all are warm right now!!! :)

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    1. I accidentally deleted your duplicate comment Carla, but isn't this very "nightclubby"??? As my friend Charity called it. lol ;)

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  3. OH MY. We want to out a reading wall with a "fireplace" in the breakfast nook. This might be just the thing because I don't want to install a real fireplace where it woukd be hard for someone to turn back into just a breakfast table place. My husband is convinced we are going to die in this house, but I can't help think of resale issues.

    1. yes! I was thinking I can just unplug this baby and take it wherever we go in the future. !! maybe that is unrealistic but we really dig this thing. ALthough, we don't need the backlit rainbow display, but it turns off.

  4. we bought a used electric fireplace model #23-efi. There is no name on it and instruction booklet. We are trying to figure out how to work the remote properly.


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