Master Bedroom Construction Zone (Sleeping in Dust.)

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From now on I'm not going to announce what I'm posting next. I've always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl, and when I try to act organized it messes with my mojo. Last time I said something about solariums and High Point, and yes to all of that - but first:
What happened is that we've made a ton of progress closing up the master bedroom "loft". That super weird window on the right hand side? I had to put that there so I didn't lose all the light and views upstairs. :/  I've got to work with it like this, and because it's not centered over the kitchen opening it is driving me CRAZY.
So why the window off center? Because the best view is in the corner and because this wall is going to be floor to ceiling built in closets.
The floorplan is weird but I'm doing my best to fix it and make it look like it was all designed this way on purpose.
Here is one of the ServePro pictures of this room, back when the previous owner lived here and it was flooded from a broken pipe:

do you see all the little computer screen thingies??

There are cameras in every corner of this house... this dude was weird. Not sure if it was paranoia issues? Or if he was a drug lord?
and in other news, we actually have some furniture now. I'm beyond excited... just picture these chairs covered in a pretty fabric someday! ha! (after my 4 kids grow out of chimpanzee stage!!) oh and a different lampshade. and I found that mirror in the house. LOL -- baby steps. I'm just thrilled we have somewhere to sit and eat now! I found this at a local consignment shop. Brand new, half price from the manufacturer, just because it had a few imperfections. That nobody can see. :)

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  1. its going to look wonderful.... to balance out that window you could put a rectangle artwork in bw the two windows, so it sort of steps up....:)

  2. Looking good. Love the built-in idea and holy smokes that guy had more ceiling fans than any house I've ever scene!

  3. I'm so glad you are blogging again.

  4. Love it!! Looks great, as per usual :)


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