Mom and Her Jackhammer!

2:00 PM Katy 4 Comments

I've upgraded to a tool that I'm not capable of using safely! I feel like this is a milestone of some sort, right?  Finally - I might need to call 911 if I turn this on. woo!

Before PC left for the airport (another work trip), he busted a hole in the side patio with a sledgehammer. Just to "Explore" the concrete, mind you.

His last words to me as he grabbed his laptop and headed out the door were: "Hey I need you to powerwash the dock so I can stain it this weekend - and buy a jackhammer, ok?"
side bacony/patio. Smallest area that needs to be removed so we are starting here. :/

I said "yeah ok". (I have bronchitis and 4 kids, no problem.) 

Later as he was boarding a plane somewhere, he texted me "did you get the jackhammer yet? :) "

And I said no, I'm still sitting here in my jammies, coughing up a lung.

I did finally get myself over to Northern Tool.

All I managed to do was haul the thing onto the patio, get half of it out of the box, and put the wheels on the cart. :/ IT'S SO HEAVY I CANNOT LIFT IT!

And we have miles acres entire vistas!!! of concrete to remove. ...... :(

... to be continued...

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  1. From the frying pan into the fire!

    1. Carla I am feeling that familiar feeling of despair right before things get a lot worse. xx

  2. I can not wait to see how that goes! I also can't imagine how long it will take for your hands to stop shaking after using it. Good luck.

  3. HEHE I LOVE tools! Big tools are even better. But on a serious note you take care of yourself and feel better Katy!


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