The Money Pit Continues...(and the 90s are BACK, baby!)

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Jackhammering up the patios is, so far, a disaster. We are in the process of coming up with Plan B. The concrete must come up, but it will require a crew of people to get it done unless we want to spend a year doing it ourselves. :( This is where the "time vs. money" equation bites us in the butt, and I'm regularly dreaming about snakes slithering through the house. Subtle, no?

This took forever. We do not have the time for this. !!
Seriously after 8 years of a crap economy (and it looks like things won't be getting better anytime soon) this is truly the most ridiculous real estate venture I've ever touched, and that's really saying something.

Me and PC must have a death wish. (high stakes gambling with houses!!! Hit me again!! wooo!!) I guess we were made for each other.

In other news: the 90s are totally back. Since this monstrosity was built in 1997ish, I was thinking about the house that my parents built in 1990... and we had a teal front door and gray siding exactly like this:
I have no idea where this is from it was on Pinterest.

we had lots of gray tile and gray carpet and gray linoleum and teal and PEACH decor. Seriously how can this already be back in style??? It's only been 16 years since the 90s! right?  Doesn't it take longer for people to love certain colors all over again?
The color of every single bridesmaids' dress in the 90s!!!!
for crying out loud!
Now all I need is a peach toilet and countertop in the bathroom and I will be 15 years old again!
 well at least the toilets are still white. sigh.

OH! and BRASS is back too, followed closely by copper:
I have no idea where this came from either.
 I am not ready for all this to be back in style. It seems like we just finally got throttled with "midcentury modern" everything, (Jetsons' style furniture on every single shelter mag and blog), and that was the trend in the 50's... it seems like the cycles are speeding up?

and why don't the 70s ever get any love?


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  1. I had a pair of those lovely plaid pants. Thanks for bringing back the memory

  2. Still love the copper! You need some dynamite. I vote dynamite!!! It would make dust out of that concrete...hmmmm but maybe out of the house too. Better stick with the crew!

  3. I'm with you, not ready for the Delia's catalog to be back. I know that house is a nightmare, but hopefully will be so worth it (in 20 years). We just watched the Money Pit on Netflix this weekend. What, you testing missiles out here? Home crap home!


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