The Day ALL the Engineers Came Over

8:01 PM Katy 7 Comments

So the jackhammering came to a full.stop. because we discovered a bigger problem:

 the bricks were actually just stacked on top of the (improperly poured) concrete patios/porches. So not ONLY does the water drain up against the house, rot all the exterior doors, and can't be corrected without jackhammering up ALL OF THEM...

But now the bricks might fall off the house, so we had to stop and call a civil engineering firm to make a house call (that costs $500 here in Columbia, in case you were wondering, and does not include all the reports/plans and recommendations).

Today I had 3 of the contractors, 3 engineers, and 3 extra neighborhood kids here. While 6 kids swam off my dock (and I had to periodically shout at them to stop doing dangerous or destructive crap - seriously. wth is wrong with boys?), the crew of people here discussed the fate of my stupid ugly brick and patios.

Prince Charming is usually the calm one who does not worry about stuff. Strangely there has been a role reversal on this one. He's freaking out about the money and I'm like -- whatever. I built a beach house with less money than this, AND I lost my job and had to sell it. Frankly, I've been through the worst with A LOT CUTER HOUSE, so my senses are completely dulled now.

Rip all the bricks off the house or don't -  what do I care? They're all ugly and deserve to be ground up into parking gravel anyway. pffft. 

Babysitting kinda puts me in a bad mood. I was thinking I need to go back to work but it seems so impossible with everything going on right now. Oh and -- still plugging away on that closet. I post pics on instagram for that one. I'll do a "before and after post" when it's finished.  (@katmhaddad)

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  1. Not sure how you are keeping your sanity. . .

  2. Not sure how you are keeping your sanity. . .

  3. Well, crap. That view though...

  4. Way to just roll with it Katy. What can you do but fix it.....we sure know all about that with our Kids are hard work, but the most rewarding. What a great picture of them!! Cheers.

  5. I keep looking at your picture and thinking...what is that? Well, you can laugh or cry. I am in the laugh or shrug catagory. By the way - what IS that? Sorry I just have to ask. My poor brain hasn't seen anything like it before...

  6. I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I've been following for years now and just the fact that you're still sane and can make me laugh! The part about the cuter house was spot on. I'm hoping that your homemade wine is ready and is able to help you cope! Love you!

  7. It is not such big issue as it looks on first sight. Those bricks should be supported with concrete wreath until it is harden with new concrete. Then concrete should be cut of and separated of house with concrete saw which don't produce vibrations like hammers. Do not remove all old concrete especially that one under bricks.

    Only thing you done wrong is hammering close to house.


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