Civil Engineers Take Forever, and Another Rant on Design Trends.

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Well. I am sitting here with my concrete all torn up for the past month, still waiting for the civil engineering firm to come up with the "plans" to fix the bricks. This is not rocket science, people. I swear to God it is not. I SHOULD KNOW. The only reason I can't do this myself is because I am not registered and don't have my own stamp, so that means I had to hire these guys. SIGH.

So while we wait impatiently for these engineers to do something (I can't wait to see this bill!!) -- I've been making progress on the master bedroom.

Finally got a bed so the mattress isn't on the floor!!!!!
If you're following me on Instagram you've already seen some of this -- I ordered my drawer fronts and cabinet doors from a carpentry company (I'm tired) so the first shipment arrives tomorrow!

Okay. I am following a lot of trendy people on Instagram and Pinterest. You know, the hipster kind who swoon over very impractical, weird stuff. Like Kelly Wearstler, for example:
 OKAY. I am not a designer in Hollywood, so maybe I'm just way too out of touch. But I thought interior design was a separate category from "music video set design", or "modern art installation" ? I thought interior design was for people to live in.

Case in point: these photos going around the internet, as far as kitchen design trends:

"Antique rugs in the kitchen".. the latest craze. Like all the trends, this is very pretty and I like the look of it and all that. The issue is that I would NEVER purchase a precious, antique, expensive $$$$$ rug to put in the middle of my KITCHEN. I have 4 kids. I need a hose with a floor drain in there, not a precious rug! Am I the only one??
My kitchen rugs get disgusting and I have to take them out back on the patio and use the hose and a scrub brush on them, and then let them dry in the scorching Carolina sun.

I think I'm going to have to take a pass on high style, unfortunately. I actually feel a little rage when I look at these kitchens because I'm imagining my kids getting into the peanut butter and jelly. My kids are 9-13 years old so it's not like I have toddlers. (But really, I DO.)

I need to be able to relax in my house. Even if it takes valium and a little Slivovitz.

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