Saturday, October 8, 2016

I feel like I'm in mourning! I am praying that my neighbors there are okay. I know they would have evacuated but several of my neighbors had very old cottages that were sitting right on the ground in the flood zone! :( How terrible! You can only get flood insurance if your house is built to current hurricane code. I want to cry!!

I remember Tybee peeps telling me that the last big hurricane to hit the island was way back in the 1800s! And that statistically, they should get hit once every 100 years! When I heard that I thought... hmmm.... wouldn't that be my luck. You know?
Corner of Naylor and Wilson.

My mom during the build. She fought ovarian cancer all this year and is in remission, thankfully.

the kids' treasure spot in the bedroom

this is Jeff and Scott's house across the street. They just renovated an old cottage and it was totally brand new in 2014. Very pretty!

Once upon a time, I shared the story on this blog of how I sold my house in Texas right before the whole neighborhood collapsed down a hill.
I never got to finish that house, only the first floor was done..
Last year when I sold the Tybee cottage, I was depressed that I never got to finish it all the way...
Recently, given the disaster of a house that I am currently working on, I briefly whined to God about this pattern. "Why can't I ever finish anything before I've got to leave it behind???" I cried. THEN I TURNED ON THE NEWS.
lots of weddings on the beach
My last trip to Tybee before I closed on the house - it was just me and my daughter.
I can't believe how little she looks here, even though it was only last year!
I almost lost my mom to cancer this year and I've spent a lot of time on my knees for better reasons.  I'd much rather be tearing out this horrible shower right now than worrying about rebuilding on Tybee. And that is saying something.

OKAY - Let's not be all negative and stuff. LOL! RIGHT! Let's believe that God is leading us on a winding path that we can only appreciate years after the fact, and can only wonder at all the near misses and catastrophes He has brought us through.

 :( and I really hope Sharon and Jeff and Scott and everybody on Tybee can overcome this. What a shock!!

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  1. Oh Katy, I hope your adorable cottage weathered the hurricane. And especially that lives we're lost.

  2. Oh Katy, I hope your adorable cottage weathered the hurricane. And especially that lives we're lost.

  3. So glad to hear your mom is okay! Hope everyone in Tybee weathered the storm.


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