The Luxury Steam Shower From Hell, Part 2: Sledghammer Massacre

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{See Part 1 here. }
First, a happy picture:
Some of my booze (and my blue feather duster?) !! I follow all the decorators on Instagram who show pics of their stylishly dressed up bar carts full of chinoiserie and vintage stuff nobody probably uses, and then I pour myself a shot of tequila. I have to keep all the demolition dust out of my liquor so no bar cart for me :/
I have spent this week sitting in concrete rubble, rocks in my shoes, grit in my teeth and hair, desperately trying to get to the bottom of this horrible pit:

I need to get down to the plywood subfloor to move the shower drain. Everything is wet.. everything is screwed down to the STEEL FRAMING, and glued down layers of concrete board on top.

I was working with a hammer and a crowbar for the last week. The pick ax worked on the mortar pan, but i am worn out. I couldn't make headway on the black tiles at all so I am now ON STRIKE! Prince Charming will be demolishing the rest because I am DONE.
this is looking into the secret room we found behind the shower- spray painted on the subfloor was "SAUNA". We will be making it into a laundry.
At this point we are moving the wall forward to make way for a laundry room, so all the plumbing and framing has to move and we are just getting down to the subfloor. It is all wet so I think we are replacing all of the subfloor in the shower area.

Because this bathroom is the size of a house, we're not renovating the whole thing right now. Just the shower. So the other side of the bathroom will remain like this for the time being:
ROWR! I know you are jealous - the kids like to swim in the jacuzzi, we think the whole bathroom looks like the previous owner thought he was Hugh Hefner.

I'm a little pissed because I'm remembering when I begged Prince Charming to unload this dump and buy a smaller house with less problems.My wrists are swelling up and I hate this house so much i want to douse it with gasoline and set it on fire.
[EDITED TO ADD: I don't broudcast all this negativity to PC, I pull myself together before he gets home, and he doesn't read this blog. He can probably tell how I feel by the look on my face when he comes in the bathroom though! haha! I like to vent and then you guys can remind me about the real hell my life used to be and all the ways that this is nothing. I honestly appreciate it. xoxo]

Here is a picture of a pretty shower, so we can all catch our breath:

To be Continued. !!

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  1. I'm following this hot mess and I have no bar cart either. Cheers!

    1. Did you see the "bar cart challenge"?? Lol ;). I was like- yeah.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. But after all that mess and work, are you not glad these are your problems now?

    I have been following your blog for years and years and am very happy your found your prince charming and your new life and I enjoy seeing the new projects.

    1. Yes!!!! Which is why i did not whine to him last night about selling this house while i was icing my swollen hands, lol! I know the difference between exhaustion and true frightening stress- but lately i have had to close my eyes and relive some of my memories in order to get my gratefulness back!

  4. This house is like one nightmare after another. And such bad taste on top of everything!! Hang in there. One day it will be gorgeous.

  5. But the VIEW! Just keep looking out on that's worth it, right?

  6. Just gotta love what you find underneath showers. We ended up having to reframe the outside corner of our bathroom (outside wall) because the damp had rotted the framing. Ugh.


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