It's a Vote: 1 Butler's Pantry, 5 Different Ways

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So we visited Antique Appliances in the Georgia mountains last week, because I have been really stewing over the kitchen in this house. My appliances are 20 years old and are starting to break down, but this house requires something larger (and more expensive) than a $400 Samsung oven. As much as I wish that would suffice. :/

You gotta use your imagination here. This white 8 burner queen is a 1931 Royal gas stove. We put it on hold to be restored, but the wait list is almost 2 years! Which I figure is long enough for us to tear the kitchen apart.
While I was researching appliance options, I was also trying to decide on a design for the new butler's pantry (that doesn't exist yet). I previously wrote about the layout and floorplan changes that will make that happen, so here are the drawings I made for the main elevation. Our family already voted, but the more the merrier!
If I were building a farmhouse, this is what the pantry would look like, for sure. But I was wrestling with this house because it's VERY French in style. So next I tried the black and white floors in the kitchen instead of the wood.

And nobody loved this because the wallpaper was too much. So I tried lemons:

Which was better. But then I saw this mint colored mini fridge and decided maybe CHINOISERIE was the way to go!?

SHUT UP! THIS was my favorite! And then I revisisted the lemons. Because it seems like my family is not on the chinoiserie bandwagon that the whole internet is on right now. Hurrumph.

And then everyone saw this and said....that's fun!

I don't know. It'll be a while until I actually build this, so I was thinking I should choose the wallpaper before it gets discontinued but decision-making has always been my weak point. What would you choose?

My next post will be about more of the illegal drug history of this house because I think we figured out what was going on in this mess - CRAZY!  Happy BACK TO SCHOOL to all you parents out there -- I'm so happy this week!! xx

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  1. Love those stoves. I have an antique stove (Magic Chef) I would love to have restored but the cost is prohibitive for me!!! You can still have the green fridge with the lemons.

    1. Yes, those Magic Chefs are so expensive, I was told it's partly because it's expensive to re-chrome everything so the more chrome your stove has, the more $$$ :/ I chose this one because no chrome 😉 It's a ridiculous expense, but it'll be the bulk of my kitchen renovation budget lol.

  2. Definitely the new lemon design is my second fav to the chinoiserie


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