From Drug House to French Chateau

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It's taken a few years, but we finally figured out the history of this crazy house. At least, we've put a lot of the puzzle pieces together.  If you've read any of my blog posts here you may remember the gigantic satellite dish in the attic:
And I've mentioned the fact that there are a gazillion cameras all over the walls, in every room in the house, in the ceiling, and all over the exterior. Many of the interior walls were missing, as seen in this picture of the master bedroom (as we were closing it up last year).

this is a ServPro picture from the insurance company, after a plumbing disaster but before we owned the house. You can see the master bedroom was set up to monitor all the cameras and overlook the great room.

The guy who built this house also had a separate "control room" with a computer system and all the camera feeds went to that room. This was all built 20 years ago in the late 90's.

The neighbors all believed he was a lunatic, because he was constantly threatening the neighbors with lawsuits and was extremely aggressive. His teenage sons were known to the local police and there was clearly a lot of drug activity. We found glass drug pipes stashed all over the house in weird places.

I have heard stories from local contractors and building inspectors who dealt with this guy when the house was being built! Many things were not done to code, as we have discovered to our detriment. We are currently jackhammering up all the concrete to fix everything! But the lunatic moved into the house anyway without a permit, and made threats. So the building department just gave him the permit! This was back in the day when building codes were much more lax.

Apparently the lunatic purposely left all the window trim and detailing off the house in order to make it "modern". Which means it just looks like crap. Last winter I found the original plans in the attic:

When I realized that this house was supposed to be FRENCH, suddenly the architecture made sense and I had a plan to go by. This is why I have changed direction and I'm adding all the French elements back onto the house now.

Anyway back to the drugs. So I had some friends visiting this summer and one of them said "This was a counting house" in jest. Then my other neighbor told me this story 2 weeks ago:

Back in the early 2000's, the teenage boys who lived here would throw parties and there were large amounts of drugs involved. One of the former partygoers (who is now grown and an HVAC technician in the local area) was describing it in awe to my neighbor (as he was working on the HVAC)! He said there was a "RUBBERMAID TUB FULL OF WEED" and that the kids were shocked and asked how did you get so much? and apparently one of the boys said "My dad just really likes to smoke it".


FINALLY this house makes sense! Why did the owner spend such ghastly amounts of money building this fortress out of steel and concrete, wire it with 4 million cameras, and yet have horrendous taste??
And why did he seem like he had money, but then when he died he appeared penniless, the house was going into foreclosure and his wife said she was on Medicaid?

Why all the strange people seen squatting in this house at various times?

And the dope pipes stashed all over..

I guess this really WAS a drug house. But now it's going to be the French-chateau-in-the-tropics that it was always supposed to be. (If I live long enough to finish it.) HA.

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  1. Oh my word if walls could talk!!!! She will definitely appreciate your care and attention to code, she deserves it after the drug abuse.

    1. I only wish I could make it all go faster! So I can downsize to another small, purple house.... :)

  2. Wow. Just, wow! On a related note, I think I bought a drug dealers car!

    1. Did you find meth pipes in the crack of the seats? Lol

  3. Amazing! Sort of makes sense now. Truly awful taste and paranoia to boot. Glad you have rescued it.

    1. I'm not thrilled to be rescuing it, to be honest . ;/ Trying to work up some enthusiasm. poor crackhouse.

  4. Hmmm...I thought your house looked familiar.

    1. Hahahaha were some of these pipes yours?


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