Where I Lose My Mind over ALL the Flowers

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Well here it is, Fall again!! And this time, I started hacking away at the landscaping situation. After my soul-destroying attempt at roses this summer, I told myself to just lower my expectations.
6 of the original 18 roses bushes are currently still alive and pushing out flowers. YAY
This is a pep talk I have given myself routinely over the last decades. It goes like this:

"Katy you really need to get a grip. Stop getting so obsessive. You're dreaming about something that will never happen."
(at least this happened. Didn't last as long as I envisioned, but it happened.)

"Katy there are no decent men in this world and you need to accept reality."  (Surprise! this wasn't true either!)

Katy, normal people do not go from "growing tomatoes in a pot" to "buying half the seed catalogue from 10 different companies and 3 textbooks on growing cut flowers."  (THIS may true.)

this is part of my records, everything has either already been planted or I have the seeds.

or.. "Katy you need to stop taking every idea and blowing it up to impossible fantasy proportions and then forgetting to do the laundry while you research for 10 hours per day."  (Sigh.)

The issue is that I *do* need to work on the landscaping, but I am *unable* to just slap in some boxwoods and call it a day. I decided if I have to do a lot of back-breaking yard work, I should at least get a flower garden out of it. right?

But, like, how many flowers?

My fantasies really snowballed quickly ( as they often do). It doesn't help that my precious mom is facing another round of cancer treatment and I was thinking how nice it would be to have cut flowers for her all year.

You see how someone could reasonably lose their mind in this situation.

I already replaced all the diseased rose bushes with hydrangeas. Then I had to pick out foundation plants to go behind the boxwood hedges. Because the north side of the house is mostly shade I went with camellias. A LOT of them.
azaela and camellia bushes, boxwoods will go in next spring. Because budget.
In the midst of all of my wild garden plans, the jackhammering and concrete pouring continues.

Here we are now - moving to the lower patio next. Still need to paint stucco and have railings repaired.
We're making progress but it's slow going. I post more on instagram these days.
We got an estimate for replacing all the rotten doors and broken windows too. It was so bad that I told Prince Charming we need to quit -QUIT!!- and sell the house "as is".

Until his optimism finally gets beaten down to more cynical levels (like mine), we are stuck with this mess. So I'm going to plant a million flowers -- everything in the whole plant catalog -- and see what comes up.
Happy fall planting time everyone!!! (I mean Thanksgiving!)

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  1. Katy, we always had success with the "naturalized" bulb Gardens. We pick a corner of the yard that needs attention, fashion some sort of border,maybe terrace a little for diff heights. Then buy all kinds of bulbs in bulk (Springhill etc) and just toss em. Bury them where they land. Makes a terrific cutting garden. However, it needs to be done in October. It's a little too late, but maybe not since it's been warm.

    1. yes! everywhere I've lived, I've thrown some oriental lilies in the ground. Here, though, the spring bulbs don't do that great. Only the wild yellow daffodils really naturalize well, I think it's too hot here. So I'm trying out ranunculus, gladiolus, lilies, every bulb that can take heat and doesn't need cold winters.

    2. It's very hot here, too. We've had luck with crocus, iris of all sorts amd Asiatic lilies and balloon flowers. Not so much with tulips.

  2. (Now I'm eyeballing a neglected area of my yard....!)


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