Bathroom Remodels: Before & After

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Well it's been a while! The master bathroom took 18 months, because it isn't a normal bathroom. (understatement!) And then I had to remodel another downstairs bathroom (that I just finished, October 2018) - and we are tearing into the kitchen now. Below are photos of the bathroom renos, because a friend keeps asking for updated pictures and I was really lazy because Instagram is a lot easier than keeping up a blog.
Completed master:

We discovered even more space behind that wall - it was roughed in for a SAUNA!



There was black tile and stone EVERYWHERE.
and pumpkin orange walls.

It's a tad more French, oui? And a little more "lake resort"? And less "Darth Vader-Hugh Hefner"?

We opened up the area that was supposed to be a sauna, and made it into a secondary laundry room.

(from instagram)

Here is the next bathroom, completed:

In this one, I cut the size in half because I wanted more room in the kitchen for a huge pantry.

here's the BEFORE:

Okay you can see above, that we ripped out a useless closet and I built the new storage cabinet on top of that air return.
here's the before:

Ugly tile, ugly paint, 20 year old moldy bathtub. Hideous. But of course the worst thing was that it was 3 times bigger than necessary and was eating into the kitchen space.

I am in the middle of re-grading the whole backyard this month and building new garden beds and retaining walls, so I will try to post my before and after pics of that next. And then this winter we are tearing out the kitchen for realz. I'm sure there will be more disasters to document. This blue bathroom was the first time we made it through a renovation without hitting some absolutely insane problem - whew.

Maybe we are finally beating this house into submission! (think positive!!)

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