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Hi, I'm Katy. I've got three awesome kids. I'm a single mom, an engineer, a carpenter, a renovator, and me and my kids have been rebuilding our lives for 6 years. We've come a long way!

^^That's what this blog used to be about. It was about survival and trying to build and remodel with almost no money. My project list is a diary of those years. I did not necessarily blog in a positive voice, and that hasn't changed. I'm all reality, all the time.

I take suicidal risks, like deciding to build a tiny beach house on Tybee Island in 2011. It was finished in 2014 and then I sold it in 2015. Most of my blogging over the last 4 years was documenting the monumental task of building a house under FEMA codes, and all the panic attacks I had in the process.

But then in 2015, everything changed.

I married Prince Charming, sold all of my previous projects, and moved here:

to the Lake Mansion With a Past. It has serious issues and we are now launching the biggest remodel of our lives. And we're a family of 6 now.

you can email me here: