The Lake Mansion

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I moved into this place in 2015:

It has major problems. It was abandoned for a while, and then a pipe burst in the attic and flooded it, and then the owners took the insurance payout and tried to fix the damage with a lot of ugly tile. Then before it was done, the owner died. 

So we have a half-remodeled, ugly, unfinished mansion. It looks nice from here, though. :) I'm blogging our projects on this house, I'll post updates here if/when things get done .
 Update #1:
I cleaned up one of the porches. This is the porch off the master (2nd story, it's hidden by the palm trees in the photo above):

 and then I had to quickly install some baseboard trim and paint these bedrooms for my kids to live in:

and I just finished the master bedroom remodel:

UPDATE October 2016: the structural problems that were found with the concrete patios are being dealt with slowly with a contractor. The first half of the house is done but we are preparing to jackhammer up all the back patios now. And then the master bathroom shower sprang a leak through the ceiling and we are now doing an emergency bathroom remodel.

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